Gift Ideas for Hubby!

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I have to admit it: I’m NOT the best gift buyer for my hubby.

On the other hand – my husband is the IDEAL gift giver.

Jewelry? The sapphire pendant that matches my wedding rings…

Coffee Maker? Only the most beautiful Keurig Platinum Brewer (which arrived yesterday – JUST in time for our 6th anniversary celebration!)

I try. Believe me, I try. He doesn’t ask for much – ever – and when I ask him what he wants for Christmas the answer is usually, “Nothing.”

Is your husband like that? Does he say he doesn’t want or need anything, but you feel badly that you don’t have something that makes his eyes light up with delight on Christmas morning? Or any other morning for that matter?

I have learned, somewhat slowly, that he will tell me often enough during the year the kind of gift he would like.

“Honey, come look at this great Virginia Tech baseball cap on this website!”

“I saw this really great sweater in the Penney’s ad on Sunday.”

“I think I might like to try that…”

The problem is – I am usually in the middle of “something” and don’t stop to pay close attention.

UH-OH. There it is. I’ve been preoccupied and haven’t paid close enough attention to my husbands wishes and thoughts to know what his ideal Christmas gift is this year.

Oh sure – I’ll buy him a few things – things I think he needs or could use to save time or energy or keep him warm.

Practical stuff.

But what I’d like to do is find “THAT” gift – the one that lights up his eyes. That he brags about to his coworkers because he is so pleased to have it.

For now, I’ll have to ask him again for a few ideas and see what he’s bookmarked on the computer so I can get him the kind of gift he can open.

But I’m also making a point of doing him the favor of STOPPING what I’m doing when he wants me to sit next to him while he’s looking at the East Bay website at sporting goods items – and making note of the things he comments on. Of letting go of my “important” schedule and things and paying attention to the things he tells me throughout the year, so maybe I can finally surprise him with the perfect Christmas gift…

Although I don’t have a great list of suggestions for Christmas gifts for hubbies, I do have some ideas that might help:

1. Go to your husband’s favorite sports team website (or sporting goods if he’s an outdoorsy kind of guy) and look for their online store. Or visit East Bay, QVC or other websites and buy something that celebrates his favorite hobby or sports team. For my husband, it’s usually a baseball cap, but he has been known to enjoy other items, too.

2. Does he need gloves, scarves or a good hat for winter to keep him warm? How about a heated ice scraper? Does the car he drives need an oil change and tires rotated? Maybe buy some of these things he needs or schedule/suggest an appointment to have his car maintenanced so he doesn’t have to think about it and then help him get it accomplished.

3. Does he have a favorite store? Now my hubby has a few – and what I’d REALLY like to do is get him a few gift cards for a few different stores. Like Menard’s (or Home Depot), Barnes & Noble, Best Buy, etc., so he could get a variety of things he likes. He doesn’t mind shopping – so for him – this would work. Online store gift cards are great, too.

4. Treat him to something that will delight his eyes. You most likely know the kinds of things that make his eyes light up when the two of you are alone. I don’t know any husband – or at least any husband who would admit to it – who wouldn’t LOVE something extra pretty, feminine, soft, revealing, or otherwise enticing parading around in front of him. Why not make it one of your gifts to him? Timing is important, so don’t think that parading in front of the TV during crucial moments of his favorite sports team’s game might work. Save it for your own halftime show… Show him that you care by catering to his desire for you.

This doesn’t seem like much – but for many husbands I know who DON’T have a list of items to suggest to their wives, and who often go without so wife or kids have what they need – maybe splurging on something like this would be good for him. Spoil him with something he would really love or treasure. Go shopping WITH him to his favorite store or website and give your honest opinion (when he asks) about the things he wants to buy.

Sometimes its not about the gift – but its about the attention – and about PAYING attention – that will really get him excited about your gift…

2 thoughts on “Gift Ideas for Hubby!

  1. Marsha says:

    Hi Debbie! What a GREAT post! I loved this, brimming over with wonderful gift ideas. And you’re so right, what husband wouldn’t like to get #4! LOL

    I know whatever you decide to get your hubby, it will be THE perfect gift because you’ve got your focus right…stop and listen.

    Thanks so much for being a part of our link up.


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