Goal-Setting Reminders

Goals and PlanningWith the end of 2013, and the beginning of 2014 “GOAL SETTING” is a very popular and needful topic.  Resolutions.  Promises.  Goals.  It’s the time to consider changes we’d like to make in our life, and figure out ways to make them happen.  Here are a few reminders to help you get started:


Specific – vague goals won’t get you anywhere.  Specific goals will help you avoid getting bogged down or delayed by unexpected changes that come.
Measurable – if you cannot determine when you have reached a goal, what good does it do to set that goal?  Make it measurable so you can stay focused, on task, and motivated.
Attainable – setting goals that you can actually meet will keep you from getting discouraged.  When you set a goal that is impossible, you set yourself up for failure.
Realistic – This goes hand in hand with the previous point and is where YOU can decide how to improve YOUR own life in a very personal and meaningful way.  If you need to lose 100 lbs, don’t give yourself 3 months to do so or you’ll end up discouraged &/or sick.  Realism requires conscientious thought and planning.
Timed – it is best to give yourself a time frame to reach your goals.  NOT so you can give up on them if you don’t meet your deadline, but to help you really stay on task and help you reach the longer-termed goals.


Whether you are a techno-queen or an vintage-gal, it helps to have your goals written down in some form.  Maybe you have a phone app that allows you to organize your tasks.  Maybe you like to carry a notebook in your purse where you jot down your ideas and plans.  Whatever you use, you need to find something that YOU will stick with so you can be efficient and effective in your Goal Setting.  It should fit YOU and YOUR life.  Some of my favorite android apps are:

Cozi is a FREE online family calendar, shopping list, family journal & photo collage screensaver. Simplify family life with Cozi.
Cozi Calendar (now syncs with Google Calendar!) – it allows for task lists and shopping lists so it assists with staying organized.  PLUS it can sync across devices so your hubby can view the same grocery list for Kroger or the sick-kids-list for Walmart.  PRIMO!

FlyLady Flyhelper License – I purchased the license awhile ago and discovered that after some time invested in setting it up, it was useful for me.  I also discovered later, that a paper planner for this area is more beneficial for ME particularly, but for an app, this is my favorite one!  There are 2 separate apps to download for the full featured version.

For paper-lovers and binder-makers, I also highly recommend the following:

The Confident Mom Planner – OH YES! This is the planner I am using along with my printed calendar for my family & home.  THIS helped me set goals for my home-making responsibilities, and I NEED IT.

Money Saving Mom has a customizable Weekly Goal Planning set and also Goal-Setting Worksheets which I have found to be INVALUABLE for my 2014 planning.  I LOVE the format of the goal-setting worksheets because it allows you to focus on specific areas and then break down those areas in very real, detailed ways.

Sometimes, you need help setting the goals, and sometimes you need help in keeping to your goals.  These items are my top choices for goal setting and I hope you are able to use at least one of them for setting YOUR goals for 2014!