Good Morning – Welcome Company Girls!

It’s been a long time since I participated in the Company Girls chats on Friday morning – and the prospect actually had me excited all week. While we can’t all meet in a local coffee shop, it’s really fun to find “friends” through this thing called the internet! Whether we live in a U.S. Midwestern state – or on the other side of the world – being a wife & mom who loves her family brings us closer together, especially over a cup of coffee or tea.

Grab a cup of coffee or tea – I can offer cereal or oatmeal to fill you right up!

This week has seen a lot of ups and downs for me. I’m in my Third Trimester of pregnancy – and baby is growing well. I’ve had some pretty serious nausea & vomiting for several weeks (seriously! What is with morning sickness now???), but the dr gave me some anti-nausea medication, and not only does it help with the nausea, but I have been sleeping like a BABY! Hallelujah! I’ve developed gestational diabetes, but so far, the medication is doing a great job helping me regulate – despite having to eat a lot of soda crackers and drink ginger ale!

We have had an extra family member in our home since the end of November. Our little nephew, Bubba, is with us for an undetermined amount of time. He is 12 months old – teething and trying to run when he’s just a wobby walker – but when he smiles it’s like a ray of sunshine! We are glad he can be with us for now and it has definitely made things interesting. Curly & Georgie adore him to death – although Georgie (who is 3) has taken longer to adjust…

We have a lot to do in and around our house to get ready for our new addition in a few months. My husband suggested we all switch bedrooms to accommodate everyone differently – and it’s a GREAT idea – but getting the painting done and moving furniture is a big job. And I can’t help with any of it. Which makes me a little crazy cuz I want it done yesterday (are any of you like that?) sigh. It’s hard to wait for things like this when I’m a planner and want certain things done on a certain timeline. But I’m not blaming my husband. He works 50-60 hours a week, so it’s not like he has much time to move furniture, let alone buy paint! But it’s on his mind and I’m trying to be patient and wait. Both of the girls had their rooms ready before we got them home, so I need to just rest in that!!!

I spent the month of November doing some focused homekeeping and thinking about systems for home & family. The events of December always throw us for a loop – but I’m getting back on track, and really appreciate RachelAnne’s Small Things every day. Kinda gives me something to think about on a daily basis, in addition to establishing a regular routine for house & home maintenance. One thing I learned is that I HAVE to carve out time – intentionally – for FUN things. Not just for Mommy – but for my family. I’m always so focused on what MUST be done, and forget about having fun and relaxing. Popcorn & a movie. Cookies & hot tea. Coloring & playing. Reading & snuggling. I have to be very intentional about including this in my days because the end of the day comes and I’m disappointed that I didn’t do more WITH my family, as opposed to FOR my family.

I also came down to a “Minimum Maintenance” during the past 2 months and was glad to see a post about the same thing at Home Sanctuary. I know the bare minimum requirements that keep me feeling sane. And I’m sorting through the rest to know what adds to my sanity – and what is just bonus for me to accomplish.

Day before yesterday – I got my shower curtain and bathroom linens washed. That felt SOOOOO good. What a funny thing to feel so “accomplished” about. Yesterday, I got bed linens washed and replaced. There is something so PEACEFUL about doing those things. Things smell and feel fresher and it’s one of those necessary things that feels like a “BONUS” when its done.

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6 thoughts on “Good Morning – Welcome Company Girls!

  1. Diane says:

    How wonderful that you’ve opened your home to your nephew – what fun for everyone!

    And what a sweet husband, to not only be willing to do the moving and painting, but to be the one to suggest it in the first place – a lot of guys just don’t “get it” when it comes to arranging a house for maximum enjoyment and ease.

    Love how you are being intentional in having fun – funny how we get so caught up in the “have to’s” that we forget to enjoy ourselves!

  2. Star says:

    Wow, you do have a lot going on…so sorry about the late morning sickness, UGH! I am impressed by at least all the thought going into how to make things more manageable around there. I have trouble even thinking about it which is why we are in such disarray all the time!

    I cannot even imagine expecting one and having a 12 month old as well, I am sure it is exhausting, but I know that you are being such a blessing to that little one!

    Now off to find a way to have some intentional fun!

  3. megan @ mama is a four letter word says:

    Enjoyed your post! I also came to MM & small things within the past few months (after having my first babe!) and it makes such a huge difference in my sanity. I have a feeling of accomplishment, and my house isn’t a pit at the end of the day when my mountain man comes home from work. it makes the chaos of motherhood more manageable. keep at it!

  4. Melissa says:

    I joined Company Girls after I had my 5th baby. It was such a help to build a “Small Things” mindset. MM is such a great way to keep things manageable without over doing it!


  5. CindyC says:

    I somehow missed that you are expecting, congratulations! I’m a few months behind you, and I hope I’ve already finished my share of morning sickness, and won’t be seeing it again before the end of the process.

    I completely agree about the sheets and linens; it is such a lovely feeling to have clean sheets on the bed! I hope your home rearrangements get done without any unnecessary stress. It will be great when all the dust has settled and everyone has their new place.

  6. Joyce says:

    How funny that everyone found Home Sanctuary after they had a baby! I did too. Anyhow, congrats on the little one on the way and soooo good to hear that things are going smoothly besides the morning sickness…which I heard is an indication that baby is doing well. I am now addicted to ginger ale since I had nausea with my first pregnancy. I am sure everything will find its place before the baby arrives, and if not, I doubt the baby will notice either way if the walls were repainted or not. =p

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