Good Times on the GoodTime

Roy has a new job.  He’s been there about a month – still in counseling – but no longer in private practice (that is a WHOLE other blog, let me tell you!)  Anyway, he got some awesome discount tickets for a 3 hour tour, er cruise, on Lake Erie from Sandusky, Ohio.  Our boat would be the GoodTime I.  So, with Roy’s parents, and our 3 kids, we ate a quick bite at the golden arches for supper, and headed up to the bay.

All the while, storm warnings were being issued for Sandusky and the lake in general…


We arrived early and walked along a pier, watching a few folks fish or sit on benches watching the birds on the pier and the water.  sandusky collage

We were aware of the storm clouds moving in from the distance, and I (for one) was thankful that the breeze was cooler near the water.  We kept the girls entertained while trying to ignore the rumbles of thunder.  We wondered if we were going to get to go on the boat at all, or if we’d have to forego the non-refundable prices we’d paid for the tickets.

We eyed the building clouds, streaking lighting and small whitecaps with guarded interest, assuring ourselves that we would CERTAINLY not go on the water if there was a storm, right?


We stood in line for a short while, then quickly boarded, grabbed our yummy (and complementary) Sun Chips and soda and found ourselves a comfortable table with great views.  Before we left the dock, the rain began.  It was only sprinkling, and the sun was still shining, so we hoped things would stay light and we could enjoy our little trip.  As we moved out into the bay, we rounded little islets covered with herons, seagulls, and black cormorants.  They were beautiful!

birdsHint: click the photo for a bigger view!

And then the storm hit. 

It thundered and lightninged with great vigor and noise.  Picture it:  My husband, my in-laws, my three kids, and myself – along with dozens of other families – all on this lovely little cruiser on Lake Erie.  It rained so hard we could barely see 10 feet off the boat.  The thunder roared and the lightning flashed, and for a few minutes we all just kinda looked at each other like,



And eventually it let up.  And we were able to open the windows and enjoy the views again.  But there were DEFINITELY some breath-holding moments, met with “Okay, who is gonna be Gilligan and who is gonna be the Skipper?” bravado…

fearfulThe thunder was VERY loud!

As the rain let up and the storm moved past, we began to see the shorelines of Sandusky and the many islands that dot the bay.  The boat resumed its tour and we began to enjoy our time on the boat.  The girls had a GREAT time looking out the large open area near our table, and eventually began throwing out bits of crackers to the birds that were following the boat.  We visited with some of Roy’s coworkers and their families and just really enjoyed a nice evening away from home together.

Of course, we cruised past Cedar Point – more than once – and the girls BEGGED to get off the boat to ride some rides, but that will have to wait for another trip.  It was well worth the few dollars we paid for the tickets, and one of the highlights of our summer so far.

Have you done anything different or unusual with your family this summer?  Do you have plans to do anything fun before you start planning your Back to School madness?