Growing Like Weeds or Flowers?

How is it that one day you bring a tiny little infant home, and the next day (or so it seems) you turn around and they’re dressing themselves and talking to you about the meaning of life – as they understand it?er

Summer is for birthdays for our girls and it’s hard to believe that these tiny girls are turning 3 & 5 this year…

How did they get so smart? How did they get so sassy? I don’t remember – even though I’ve been here almost every single day of their existence.

How do we miss some moments and remember others?

Watching them do new things and forgetting what a struggle it has been – at times – for them to learn some things. Having conversations with these little people – whose brains are always surprisingly more developed than I realize – and marveling at their comprehension and intensity.

How GRATEFUL I am that I have been able to stay at home with them for the past 2 years. Sure, it’s been hard – and yes, I’ve cried a lot – but wow, it’s pretty amazing to be a mom and watch these little people grow in leaps and bounds.

Some days – it does feel like they’re growing like weeds – but most days, it feels like they’re growing like Flowers – big, beautiful, lustrous flowers, with bright – shiny faces turning upward – and every so often I get a whiff of the beautiful fragrance that God has showered over them…

2 thoughts on “Growing Like Weeds or Flowers?

  1. Pat says:

    Deb it is so hard to imagine you with two little girls of your own, for I remember you as “Shell’s friend” who always came to the house and made me laugh. I follow your blog and I am so pleased to see the fine woman, wife and mother that God has allowed you to become.

    Keep intrusting those little “flowers” to the Lord and the rewards of their beauty will be many.

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