Happy Birthday to you, Roy!

Hello Coffee Gals. Welcome to the Queen Mommys Cafe today. Have a piece of birthday cake with your coffee or tea this morning! We are celebrating my husband, Roy’s 40TH birthday today! Okay – let’s be honest – I’M celebrating – he’s not quite sure whether he can celebrate turning 40 or not.

So I thought I would do a tribute of FORTY THINGS about Roy today in honor of this grand occasion!

1. He has the best salt & pepper hair! (I would post a photo, but he doesn’t like that… Sorry ladies.)

2. He loves the Cleveland Browns. He bleeds orange (really) and any teasing or name calling (except by him) is met with immediate disapproval. He’s a die hard – loyal fan. Admirable.

3. He loves hot dogs. He shares this in common with my dad.

4. He hates green beans. The very first time he visited my parents when he & I were getting “serious” I told my mom to fix green beans – knowing he hated them – and HE STILL ATE THEM CHOKED THEM DOWN cuz he loves me that much. That’s love, people.

5. He loves to make me laugh. It’s one of the first things I noticed about him. While I love to laugh and laugh at many things – he has a real knack for saying or doing something that just makes me laugh until my stomach hurts.

6. He is so tall and handsome. ’nuff said.

7. He has graceful hands with long fingers. Georgie inherited them…

8. He has a southern twang sometimes despite his denial otherwise. His parents are from Kentucky, and there are words & phrases that really make it stand out. Love it!

9. He is incredibly smart. So smart! He can analyze things in an instant while others take several minutes (or day or months even)…

10. He yearns for knowledge. Hence his 3 degrees – an Associates, a Bachelors and a Masters.

11. He hates Math. We share this in common. It means he can’t help me with my Algebra II. bummer…

12. He listens to me. Really. And I talk a lot – but he still listens for the most part. Impressive.

13. He loves his girls SO much. Really. He loves to be their daddy and let them be princess girls. Sweet!

14. He lets me cuddle. Even though he is a “personal space” kinda guy, he lets me snuggle and even loves it now. =)

15. He buys me the best stuff. Like my sapphire pendant a couple of years ago and my Keurig Platinum Brewer (which is on its way to my house as you read this!)

16. He doesn’t coddle me. He’s not mean about it, but he doesn’t always let me get away with my drama.

17. He hates it when I cry. But he lets me and usually asks if he can do anything to help. Sometimes he just lets me cry and hugs me later.

18. Sometimes, he lets me have the remote control. On our honeymoon, he watched “When Harry Met Sally” with me because it reminded me so much of our stop & start relationship before we got married.

19. He is very literal. Requires thoughtful communication.

20. He is color blind.

21. He is dyslexic.

22. He is the tallest member of his immediate family – he’s 6’4″ (to my 5’4″).

23. He’s got incredible athletic ability. I’ve seen him in action – and hear stories about his high school and college ability. He has explained to me that very often when he was playing quarterback in football, things around him would move in slow motion and he could see everything that everybody else was doing. I admire that so much.

24. He’s the ONLY guy I’ve ever fallen for. Okay – I had other boyfriends, but Roy is the only one that I’ve literally fallen in front of. Flat on my face. On the ground. THREE different times. (He didn’t even trip me!)

25. He’s not embarrassed by WOMAN stuff. Even though he didn’t have sisters, he’s not embarrassed to buy feminine hygiene products or talk about my personal female issues and circumstances. Awesome news for our girls!!!

26. He’s really praying for one more child for us. I am, too, and our recent miscarriage has been pretty difficult for him to deal with, too.

27. He tries to be as supportive as he can. Whether its me or our girls or a family member – he can be very compassionate and caring.

28. In his former life (haha), he was a farmer. Hence his love for working outside and for animals of all kinds, but especially chickens. HE is the animal lover in our house. I like dogs. We have a cat. =)

29. He caught a snake with a butterfly net and a pillowcase. A (probably pregnant) garter snake was sunning itself in my backyard garden – and when our niece & nephew came running in to tell us – he calmly grabbed one of their butterfly nets, caught it up Steve Irwin style, and neatly dropped it into a pillowcase.

30. We celebrated our 30th birthday together.

31. He’s sentimental. Especially about family. and his tshirts. and the Cleveland Browns.

32. He loves my cooking. And will try anything I make.

33. He loves sweet coffee. Makes for great date nights!

34. I’ve known him for almost HALF my life!

35. He reads my blog.

36. He laughs with me. Especially when I take myself too seriously. That’s a good thing.

37. He’s a phenomenal kisser. Yay for me!

38. He’s not a Buckeye fan. But I can forgive him that.

39. He does not Facebook. seriously.

40. He is the ONLY one for me – I know it today as much as before I married him. There’s nobody else like Roy – no one who fills my heart and breaks it at the same time. He’s the very best and exactly who God planned for me. So really, on Roy’s 40th birthday – I am the one who has great reason to celebrate!

Happy Birthday Roy – may you have 40 more – and may they be twice blessed as the first 40!!!

12 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to you, Roy!

  1. Stephenie says:

    What a sweet gift for your husband. I agree with Dani; print this post out and frame it.

    My husband is a Browns fan to the end. No Ohio State fans in our house, though. My husband loves the Florida Gators and I like the Tennessee Vols.

  2. Cindy says:

    Roy sounds like a keeper! Happy birthday to Roy.

    p.s. I love that you made him eat green beans at your parents’!

  3. Marie says:

    Well I hope that you and your husband enjoy celebrating his birthday! It’s a marvellous list that you made describing him and your relationship!

  4. Dawn says:

    That is so sweet, Deb! How funny that you both have birthdays in December. I guess I never realized that! I hope that someday I can meet “Roy”… Happy Birthday!

  5. Donna Standridge says:

    So refreshing to hear a wife give such a positive picture of her husband. I hear so many woman complain about their husbands. I wonder if they are so awful, why did they marry them in the first place. Poor example for their children. I really enjoyed hearing ALL the positive things about Roy. I’m sure he’s not perfect but you value him greatly and what a blessing this is for your children. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Shawna R. B. Atteberry says:

    Happy Birthday to Roy! It sounds you found a keeper. 😉

    I literally fell for My Hubby too: on our honeymoon in Rome, right in front of the Vatican, feet flying above my head, flat on my rump in front of everyone else in line to get into the Vatican Museum.

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