Having Fun Friday!

Oh – Its so cool that Rachel Anne, from Home Sanctuary, made a Community for the Company Girls! I enjoy the visits from and to all the “coffee girls” on Fridays, and then I saw that Rachel Anne made a new place for us to visit together more often.

I started putting together a Queen Mommys Cafe community over at BlogFrog, too, last week after they made their big announcement! This was a pretty smart move on BlogFrog’s part. Tying a blog to a community – allowing the blog writer(s) to interact in better ways with their subscribers and readers. Something like Facebook for bloggy friends…

I have not spent tons of time there yet, but really hope to build some interaction with you. I love reading your comments and interacting with you here, so it’s just another way to interact a bit differently. You can join by clicking on the “widget” to the right of this post – and you can interact with me or the other visitors here at The Queen Mommy Cafe.

So far, potty training Georgie is going pretty well. We’ve only had a few minor accidents, and have just one final hurdle, but she’s got the hang of it. She was up at 3 am this morning to “go potty” and went right back to sleep after. Woohoo! That’s a big deal!

I had the great pleasure of talking with a good friend of mine yesterday. Shel is one of my good friends from Missouri – and she knows me pretty well. We kinda lost touch for a couple of years, got reconnected, and we’re talking about some serious book collaboration. Like she said, we’ve always thought on the same wavelength, and we spent a lot of time talking through some ideas for a series of books, and although we live many miles apart, our thinking is so in tune, that our writing flows right along with it. She has some brilliant ideas, and we’re having fun building some characters and plots. I was so energized after talking with her – my creativity really fueled me for several hours.

And there was an A-ha! moment for me. I’m one of those serious-taking-the-mom-job-seriously kind of moms – and haven’t made a lot of room for fun. I know some of it is the season of mothering I’m in – a toddler and a preschooler are busy in different ways than two elementary school kids are busy. And I let myself get dragged down by the hard work of mothering too often. After hearing a REALLY GOOD session via Cindy Rushton – with Molly Evert, the Counter Cultural Mom – I was really convicted about my attitude towards marriage & mothering. I really have adopted the whole “Martha” attitude and really get caught up in the work that is necessary, without taking time to be “Mary” with my family…

So this weekend, after I get laundry caught up (cuz we gotta have clean clothes), I want to be MARY with my family and ENJOY our weekend and HAVE FUN together…

What are your weekend plans?

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3 thoughts on “Having Fun Friday!

  1. Star says:

    I am always struggling with this. Torn between wanting to have fun and “needing” to maintain order! It is a constant struggle. This weekend, we are supposed to be going to a surprise party for a friend, however, I think we may spend more time dodging storms…good times! Hope you have a weekend filled with more fun than laundry! Blessings!

  2. Joyce says:

    I am the same way and I realize that we only have these kiddos for so long before they leave the nest. Our times together are always precious even if they can drive me crazy at times. I hope to get some time to poke around in the community too. So busy lately. Yay for potty training!! Have a wonderful weekend.

  3. LydiaCate says:

    Yea! So glad the potty training is going well! Good for both of you!
    It is so hard to maintain balance between Mary and Martha! I struggle there too! We’ve been SOOO busy the past two months we’ve really not had much fun! I’ve declared May the month of fun. My goal is to do one fun trip/outing per week. Plus I think we will take school to some fun places, like the zoo and the park. It’s time to mix things up a bit.
    Looking forward to learning more about Blogfrog! Sounds like fun!

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