How Freezer Cooking Can Save Time and Money

The rewards of freezer cooking are that you can save money, save time and have a hot, home-cooked meal any night of the week. This is good, because this method requires planning and effort. If you are planning a full day of cooking, it is no light matter. If you can’t manage a full day of cooking, even preparing 2 or 3 meals ahead of time will be more efficient than scrambling to throw something together on a busy week night. Either way, the benefits outweigh the initial work involved in freezer cooking.

If you think about, you are probably already freezer cooking in one way or another. You may cook a big pot of chili and decide to freeze half for a later date. Or maybe you make cookie dough that you place in the freezer so that there is always a desert in the house. You may even make homemade vegetable broth and freeze it in ice trays for later dates.

That is a good idea but without proper planning, you may be wasting your time and your money. Usually when we do things like that – spontaneously, in the moment – the food gets pushed into the back of the refrigerator without another thought. It is only when we are cleaning the fridge that we remember we had that chili or those meatballs in there. By then they are frost bitten (or worse!) and no good.

Regular freezer cooking promotes efficiency and eliminates waste. Entrees are labeled, wrapped, and bundled with items needed to complete the meal. No more staring inside that mystery freezer container, wondering: “Is it barbecue pork, red beans and rice, or my son’s science experiment?”

With freezer cooking you plan and planning always saves time and money. You take the time to make shopping lists, cook ahead of time, and prepare for the full day of cooking. This frees up your time and puts more money in your pocket because you are not running out to the store every week burning up gas, and buying items not on your list. You save money because you become a smart shopper, learn to look for the deals, and buy in bulk.

Cooking with the freezer in mind is a wise and smart thing to do. You can be a more effective household manager and have more time for the things that you really need to get done or just want to have the time for.

Your freezer is ready to be your cooking buddy. You can save time and money by applying the techniques of freezer cooking to your home management efforts. Are you ready to accept the challenge?

Grab this Freezer Cooking Made Simple guide.