How I Became The Queen Mommy

I always wonder what people think when they hear “The Queen Mommy.” What does that mean exactly and how did I come by that title?

Honestly, it’s one I gave myself.

My name – Debbie – means “honeybee” or “the bee”… I’m the oldest of 3 kids, and the only girl, lending to a VERY bossy existence…

So, “honeybee” quickly became “Queen Bee” for me… I’m a take charge – run the show – kind of gal. I’ve had various friends and boyfriends even call me by that because basically – I know what I like and what I don’t like. I’m not usually afraid to voice my thoughts. And I’m still bossy. Really.

It’s a gift called Administration! (look it up in the Bible if you need to…)

And then while I was dating Roy (for the 3 months we actually dated), he sent me an email and wrote “You are my Queen Bee” and said it in such an endearing, affectionate away (and not the teasing, sarcastic you’re-too-bossy way), that I became proud of that moniker.

And when I became a mom, it just transformed into The Queen Mommy.

I’ve always loved royalty and queens & kings, princes & princesses. When I was in Junior High and High School I read every biography I could get my hands on about British & U.K. royalty – they just fascinated me. I couldn’t be the Queen Mother – cuz, well, that is what they called Queen Elizabeth’s mother and I wasn’t willing to steal that name. I couldn’t be The Queen Mum because, well, I’m not British. Since I’ve always thought of myself in much higher terms than one should probably think, when I was looking for a name to blog under, to adopt The Queen Mommy.

And THAT, my dear readers, is how I became The Queen Mommy.

It helps that my grandfather always called my grandmother his Polish Princess (for she was 100% Polish – and one of the sharpest gals I’ve ever known) – so maybe my affinity for royalty is not so far-fetched…

P.S. – FYI – the logo included in this post is actually a motivational poster that was used during WWII in Britain, as a means to encourage and raise the morale of the British people in case of invasion by the Nazis. I really like it. The crown insignia is lovely, and since I tend a little towards “type-A”, it’s an appropriate reminder for me. You’ll see this logo again in future posts – I’ll be sharing something really COOL soon!

One thought on “How I Became The Queen Mommy

  1. kim says:

    sounds so much like me….i’m definitely a type A, 1st born daughter, gift of administration, unafraid to voice my opinion type person.
    such a struggle learning to use that gifting for God’s glory and not my own. the results are painfully different!

    Luv u Qneen Mommy

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