How is Your Perspective?

How easy is it for you to actually change your perspective about something? Anything? Do you tend to fight it – holding onto long-held beliefs and values, or are you willing to reconsider misinformed opinions or misapplied standards?

I’ve read a few things over the past week that made me think long and hard. That made me review my own perspectives, opinions – judgments, even.

So I found a blog written by a mom whose son has Hirschprung’s disease. Oh my goodness. Her son Jacob is 3 years old, has had 13 surgeries, and “has total colonic hirschsprung’s disease, complicated by malrotation and colonic atresia. He’s my inspiration and the best Son anyone could ask for.”

He currently lives with a stoma and feeding tube.

The things we had to do for Little Man pale in comparison to what this Mama does for her son…

As we take Little Man for his surgery followup and have Curly checked today for Hirschprung’s, I will be thinking of Jacob and his mama…