How to Support Life

With the controversy over stem cell research in the search for many diseases cures, and the ongoing debate of Pro-Abortion vs. Pro-Life arguments, I think it is important to understand how we can show Support for Life.  While some media outlets prefer to focus on the extreme ends of the pro-life argument, there are real, tangible ways we can be pro-life without killing, maiming, or destroying…


How to Support Life

You can support your local pro-life pregnancy center.  There are hundreds and thousands of pro-life centers across the country who offer a variety of resources to women and families with unplanned pregnancy.  Can I just say this:  DO YOUR RESEARCH.  There are pregnancy centers that are pro-life and there are pregnancy centers that refer for abortion.  Find out what organizations are in your area and what kind of work they do.

Support can come in multiple ways:

  • Financial.  This should be obvious and should also be your first choice (in my opinion as the resource manager of a non-profit pregnancy center).  It is EXPENSIVE to offer free services to women and families, and without financial donations we would not exist.
  • Material.  Many pregnancy centers take donations of items like baby furniture, clothing, and even supplies like diapers, wipes, and formula.  You can meet the material needs of many women and families in need by donating to your local pregnancy center.
  • Physical.  Maybe you have a few extra hours a week or every two weeks or once a month, where you could volunteer at your local pregnancy center.  For example, at our centers, we often need a variety of volunteers who will work with clients or answer phones & schedule appointments or clean the place up or do laundry & fold clothes.   We can find something for almost anyone to do at any given time.
  • Spiritual.  Oh how we covet the prayers of believers!  We see a wide range of clients with an even greater range of needs.  We know we cannot meet every need, and ultimately, we really want to engage with our clients and help them establish a relationship with Jesus.  But it often takes effort and time and energy – and the prayers of supporters is so necessary to operate in a way that is both meeting the needs of our community but also bringing glory to Christ!

You can connect with your local pro-life group.  Now I am NOT EVER going to recommend you join a group that stands outside a clinic, berating women, calling names or threats, or spewing bile onto those that Jesus came to save.  I won’t do it.  Until you have walked in those shoes, you cannot imagine the torture that women face when considering and choosing abortion, no matter how devastating that choice is.  However, the pro-life movement needs support because EDUCATION is life.  The more a woman knows about her body, about her growing baby, and about the options available to her to both bring a child into the world and raise and nurture it (or choose someone else to raise and nurture her baby) – the better choice she can make for herself and her baby.  Having NO options (or believing she has no options) can make her feel like she is backed into a corner, and that is a scary place to be.

Support your local pro-life church.  The battle that churches face today is growing – especially since those who call themselves “church” but don’t follow Christ, do everything to bring harm to His name.  No church is perfect, because the church is made of imperfect people.  However, the body of Christ has purpose, and we must stay committed to serving His Cause.

If you attend a church that doesn’t seem to have many options for pro-life outreach, pray and considering speaking with your pastor about becoming an advocate for pro-life within your church.  Connect your church to your local pro-life agencies and build relationships in your community that allow your church to provide greater impact.  Many times a women’s group or a missions group will lead this charge, and it is such a welcome blessing to our pregnancy center when that happens!

Lastly, remember that compassion goes a long way.  While there will always be those who abuse systems and hoard handouts, there are so many more who just need a little help and encouragement to get their feet under them.  It is this opportunity that allows us to share Christ with these all of women and families who face a challenging life, often with little hope.  It is the ultimate goal of being pro-life, isn’t it?

Here are a few links to pro-life organizations which might point you to agencies in your area:

Heartbeat International

National Right to Life

I am familiar with these two organizations and feel comfortable directing you to them.  If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask in the comment section below.