How’s Your Vision?

How’s Your Vision? Do you have a vision for your life? For your family? For a career? For a ministry?

God’s Word talks about the importance of visions in Proverbs 29:18

Where there is no vision, the people perish: but he that keepeth the law, happy is he.

What is your vision? Has it been so long since you’ve thought about it, that you can’t think of an answer? Or is your response so close to the surface because you are living it out day by day? How does that make you feel?

If you’ve lost your direction – if you aren’t sure of your next step – if you’ve never seen God’s vision for your life, I want to HIGHLY recommend that you visit Vision Forum!

We all have times in our lives where our visions feel tangibly near and we can almost see the steps light up the path before us. Other times, maybe we feel like we’re walking in a misty shroud, unsure of our direction – let alone our visionary goal.

In this world of “easy come, easy go” – Vision Forum takes a counter cultural stance and offers products for women & men, husbands & wives, sons & daughters, moms & dads – that challenges the world we live in.

Honestly – I am personally challenged by some of their statements and products – I don’t always agree with every single stance – but when I stop to consider what Scripture has to say about it, I often find myself in agreement with the stand they take.

Check out their catalog. You will find practical lessons in homemaking, spiritual lessons in marriage and parenting, encouragement and exhortation for living a life that pleases God. My FAVORITE series of all is the Homestead Blessings set – and I hope to be able to invest in the ENTIRE series soon. Roy & I have the opportunity to occasionally watch the West ladies on Saturday evenings – and both of us really enjoy their lessons in soap making, canning & preserving, bread baking, and more!

I am a Vision Forum affiliate – and can absolutely recommend their products because I’ve seen some of them up close and personal. If you are raising a family for the Lord in our day and age – you could probably use some tools and support. Get yourself a catalog – visit the website – and see what sparks Your Vision!