I Just Love the Internet!

I grew up a military “brat” because my dad was in the Air Force. About every 4 years, he would be stationed at a new base, and we’d all have to pack up – pull up roots – and move to a new place.

I’ll admit – it wasn’t always easy – but I learned a few things that have really made my internet connections special.

Long Distance Friendships. I learned to stay in touch with people – of course, in those days it was by letter sent through the US Postal Service. Remember those days? I was an AVID letter writer – and it was the only way to stay in touch. Now – I can stay in touch with old friends and make new friends – real friends – because of places like Facebook or message boards (like A Woman Inspired or Mom Bloggers Club, for example).

Contact Matters. Even if it was a brief note, although mine tended to be mini-novels (surprised?), even just a note from someone really mattered to me and made my day! And it was fun to catch up and remain part of someone’s life. The instantaneous relay of information can be beneficial and the instant response is really still amazing to me.

With “friends” online – gals I’ve never met but have come to admire and appreciate – the internet has made “connection” a whole new thing. While I don’t have the pleasure of shopping with them or having them over for tea, I can still get to know them through their blogs or via Facebook – and can reconnect with old friends I lost touch with along the way.

What’s your favorite way to stay in touch with people online? Facebook? Twitter? Message Boards? Blog Posts?

Are there friends you’ve reconnected with or made along the way that impact your life now because of the internet? Do you think the internet is overrated or do you rely on it in a big way?

2 thoughts on “I Just Love the Internet!

  1. Dawn says:

    I, for one, LOVE the internet! I get to read your blogs – which truly inspire me – and chat with you sometimes, too! It makes my heart sing to be in touch with my friends from l-o-n-g ago!!! 🙂 Have a great day!

  2. Donna Standridge says:

    I have just recently reconnected with a couple of girls that I went to college with back in 1952-55 at B.B.C. We are scattered all over the country. One girl was a missionary in Argentina for many years and I just reconnected this A.M. Kind of fun!

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