If I had a dollar for every glitch…

Okay – so have you all been seeing some glitches around here lately? Maybe some of you haven’t, but if you are an email subscriber, I’m thinking you probably have. The glitches are really my own doing, but I’ll explain what’s going on.

1. I’m starting a newsletter with Mailchimp. In addition, I am also trying to change how my posts are published. So if you are subscribed via email, you probably got some posts last week, along with something from A Latte with the Queen Mommy that looked like a template without any real content. Well, that’s what it was cuz I can’t figure out how to actually load my post content into the template. LOL!

Normally I do a pretty good job with technical stuff, but this thing has me all confused. So, I’ve deleted the blog post updates via Mailchimp until I can figure it out.

HOWEVER, you can still get signed up for the newsletter which starts THIS WEEK!!!

2. I tend to write on the fly and I start a lot of posts that never get published. The last 2 posts were pretty similar in content – but I changed some things around, delayed the one instead of deleting it – and you basically got a 2 for 1 deal with very similar posts. I hope you’ve enjoyed my reflections on I Peter as they will continue.

I’m starting a new Bible study today (cuz I really want to!) and so I’ll be studying I Peter with Hello Mornings and Colossians with Good Morning Girls. I figure since I don’t have homework this semester I can afford to double up my Bible study efforts. They are both online and I can do them throughout the day rather than having a commitment of a time frame all the time.

So – while the glitches were my own doing, I wish I had a dollar for every recent glitch. Cuz then I’d buy a Ginormous Latte!

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