Is Weight about Food?

This is a question I’m asking myself lately.

The end result of eating too much (combined with moving too little) contributes to obesity. But does this mean that FOOD is the reason people are overweight?

What do YOU think? Do you think weight is simply a physiological issue? Do you think emotional issues drive eating in our culture today?

3 thoughts on “Is Weight about Food?

  1. Marsha Baker says:

    No doubt that FOOD plays a big part in our being overweight. But also – as my dr. has said to me…”Body shape is family”….we can’t escape some things because of our natural genes. Some folks are small framed, others aren’t. But that’s not an excuse..just a fact that we can’t be a small person when our family is full of large framed people. Just something to consider as we try to be healthy! Not necessarily thin! It all works together!

  2. Aileen Stewart says:

    Weight is not about food, but is about choices with the exception of people with hormone or thyroid problems. Not every body is the same build and some people are larger framed then others, so the amount of extra weight a person carries compared to their height and build is what needs to be considered for good health.

    In America many people’s diets consist of over processed foods full of sugar, fat, startch, high fructose corn syrup, salt and chemicals. In addition most items, especially from restaurants, come in huge or supersized portions. Many children spend multiple hours on the phone, in front of the tv, or playing video games and they don’t go outside to play any more. We have become a nation of junk food junkies and couch potatoes and have therefore become a nation where obesity is the largest health crisis of all.

    Choices about food and exercise can make a difference if they are a life change and not a fad or diet. My husband had extremely high blood pressure and did not want to take medication so we changed the way we ate. We lowered our salt intake by half. We did this by cooking more fresh foods, cooking more foods from scratch instead of from boxes, reading lables and finding the foods and meats that contain less salt, and by finding salt free seasonings like Table Tastee and Bravado. While not a weight issue, still a healthier choice when it comes to eating. My husband dropped his blood pressure nearly forty points.

    I myself have found if I simply eat somewhat smaller portions, snack on fruits and vegetables instead of chips and crackers, and move a little more I lose a few pounds and keep them off. I am still about twenty pounds over weight, but I know it is because I have not yet motivated myself to make better choices. Who knows, maybe today I will.

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