This is a Mom’s World

For anyone who has followed me for more than a year, you’ve likely read stories of my family’s, ahem, restroom experiences… It’s not that I like to brag. It’s not that I EVER thought I would publish anything on the world-wide-web related to restrooms. It’s not that I don’t have anything else to talk about. Really, it just comes down to the fact that It’s a Mom’s World!

Potty training – in all it’s glory – is one of the biggest hurdles for mom’s. It’s a landmark event. And eventually, at some point, everyone accomplishes this milestone.

For some, it is as easy as 1-2-3.

For others – like me – it’s a long journey of highs and lows, pitfalls and triumphs, horror stories and blog posts…

Now that Little Man is here, I know I’ll be facing potty training sometime in my near future – so I went back and read a post or two about my experiences with the girls. Oh, I know that girls and boys are different – so I don’t have any rose-colored illusions. Believe me.

But I had to laugh as I revisited my difficult restroom experience at Walmart – with Curly – while still pregnant with Georgie. (You can read that post HERE.)

I’ve learned a few things since then. I carry wipes in my purse. I keep extra diapers and wipes in my van. And I never leave home without asking the girls to use the restroom BEFORE we leave, knowing we will visit at least one public restroom while we are out.


The problem is, since I fell in a public bathroom in March 2010 (wet floor) and sprained my ankle, Georgie seems OBSESSED with public restrooms.

She was with me when I fell. She heard me yelling and saw me crying, and it’s obviously marked her.

Of all the things I thought I would have to deal with, visiting E.V.E.R.Y. public restroom in practically every public place we visit, was NOT something I expected.

Although it has subsided as time has passed, just after my accident, she would announce she needed to use the restroom. And then pepper me with, “Mommy, are you going to fall?” “Are you going to hurt your ankle?” “Are you going to ride in the ambulance, Mommy?”

I was already nervous enough for the first couple of months after I fell – but when my itty-bitty girl kept asking me those questions, my stomach would knot up and I’d start breathing a little faster – wondering if the floor was wet, and watching for any signs of puddles or pools wherever I stepped.

Just as her questions have subsided, my concern visiting restrooms has subsided, too.

She’s a pretty smart cookie, that Georgie girl! I think she used reverse psychology on me to help me get through that…

If it wasn’t vandalism, I’d carry a permanent marker in my purse and start documenting Georgie’s presence to every stall in every bathroom that she visits. Or at least begin documenting it in some fashion. Who knows – she may break some Guiness Book of World Records at some point!

Being a mom means doing things you never expected to do. It means carrying extra wipes around in my purse – and expecting a visit to a restroom any time we leave the house.

But I’m not complaining. After all, It’s a Mom’s World.

And I love it.


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