It’s Getting Hot In Here

So this is going to be a CRAZY busy week for my family.  It’s our second full week of school, Roy has a really full work schedule, and we are packing to move.  We are moving to a house about 10 minutes from where we are now, but it’s still a lot to pack up and move.  I have NEVER in my life lived in one house for 10 years – so I’ve accumulated a LOT in this house.

In some ways, I wish I WAS moving closer to my friend, Shelly, who commented that she would treat at our favorite local Chinese restaurant if I did.  We had some REALLY good times together and Hong Kong Inn was THE best place for crab rangoon.  Made me miss you REALLY BAD, Shelly…

We’re a little sad – this is the house we brought all 3 of our babies home to and where we spent our first newly married years.  I feel like we’re becoming “old married people” – our tenth anniversary comes this December – and our babies are growing fast.

Um yeah, speaking of that.  I think I had my first hot flash – or maybe a PRE-hot flash in the last week.  I woke up and felt like I was on fire.  We have 3 fans blowing on our bed at night and it wasn’t enough.  I had to get up and drank a whole bottle of water, which did help cool me off.  I wasn’t drenched with sweat, but it was an interesting note in my current life.  Having recently been asked if I was Little Man’s grandmother (sigh), I debated having my hair colored, but instead, I just got it cut in a sassy new do and will leave the gray for now.  For the first time, I can say I feel like I’m not 30 anymore – but had a pleasant conversation with a customer service representative this week who informed me when I told her my birthdate that she hoped she sounded as lively as I did on the phone when she was my age.  I took it as a compliment!

I won’t be posting much this week – but get to spend some time at work and the rest of the time packing, moving, and trying NOT to lose any important school papers in the process…  We have some AWESOME friends who are going to help us out and I am so very thankful since Roy’s work schedule is busy and we are a larger household to get moved than when I moved to Ohio as a new bride!

Grandpa 88Oh and I have to share this.  My grandpa turns 88 years old today.   My grandpa is a Character!  He was in the Navy during WWII and eloped with my grandma 6 weeks after they met (not in that order…)  Saturday, my mom and her brothers celebrated his birthday with him, and I was texting with my mom while she & my dad were taking my grandpa back home.  I texted and asked her to tell him Happy Birthday and that we loved him and that I was proud of him.  Mind you we were texting, so he knew she was not talking on the phone.  She relayed the message and he wanted to know how I’d told her that over the phone.  I chuckled and told my mom – here was this guy who had to fire on divebombing Kamikaze pilots during a war, installed solar panels on homes in the 80’s to save on utility bills – and knew how to do just about anything or figured out how to do it – and he didn’t “get” texting.  It totally cracked me up.

Anyway – Happy Birthday Grandpa.  I really am proud of you and proud to be your granddaughter!

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  1. Marsha 'Nana' Baker says:

    AWWW – what an awesome post Deb Jo!! LOVE that you shared the photo of grandpa…and about his life. That’s very sweet! Bummer you are heading into HOT flashes…gonna have to figure out something natural you can take to help that huh? Excited about your move…hope to come help you before long. Take it easy and hope things move ahead smoothly this week.

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