Just Touching Base!

My mom – Queen Martha – has been here this week, and she is spending time today getting my freezer full of quick meals! Yay! We have spent some time shopping & running errands this week (some were totally unexpected!) but today – while it’s raining – we are spending the day at home while she cooks and I get some Minimum Maintenance done around here!

We have gone through a bag of boys clothes – sent along from my cousin Jen – and got them sorted into sizes and storage! That’s been great. Little Man has been given some of the CUTEST clothes by friends & family – and although I don’t want him to grow too quickly, it will be fun to see him wearing some of these outfits!

Last night was a rough night. We have them every few days. Little Man was fussy – Mommy was very tired – and nothing was working for both of us. So after an hour, Roy (gently) suggested I sleep in the recliner with LM and I gave in. Didn’t want to. I like sleeping in my own bed next to my husband – but once LM fell asleep – we both slept solid for just over 5 hours. That’s a good sleep for us. Trying to figure out if it was something I ate or just a “thing” – but it doesn’t happen every night, so I’m not headed to Zombieland just yet!

Since we’ve been doing some running for a couple of days – I got worn out. I’m feeling so good – but am still “recovering” from childbirth and probably overdid it. It got to both of us. I’m going to have to limit myself for a couple more weeks (and I don’t like that…) and keep my errands to a minimum.

We are still working into a regular schedule, too – and pretty soon Curly will be on Easter break – so I’ve been recording some movies we can watch together while she gets some extra days at home.

Spent part of last Friday at the Independent Studies of the homeschool program we are pursuing for Curly next year. Got to spend time with my friend Andrea – which was SO nice for mommy! She’s been homeschooling for a couple of years, and had some great advice and showed me some curriculum that I’m getting excited about! I’m all about Language Arts – writing, reading, grammar & phonics, penmanship, and spelling – and I LOOOOVED the texts/workbooks Andrea is using. Now I don’t expect Curly to love it all the way I do, and I don’t expect her to enjoy it the way I do – but I am inclined to work on these things now while she is still learning young so that as she grows she can have a good foundation to work from. The BEST part of the particular curriculum is that it is all Scripture based so it combines basic educational requirements with Scripture reinforcement! YES! I’m probably most nervous about Science at this point – but there are some great elementary curriculum choices that offer fun science projects with a lot of things I will have at home already. Yay!

I’ve got some book reviews to work on this week or next for Christian Stay at Home Moms. My mom is reading a new book published by one of her friends – can’t wait to borrow it to read it (more on that later…) I encourage you to subscribe to CSAHM so you don’t miss one encouraging post – FYI my reviews have been posting on Saturdays so check them out HERE! I enjoy the Question of the Week at CSAHM, as well as the tips and recipes and great articles!

Hope you’re having a great week – feel free to leave a comment and let me know what is going on with YOU! I don’t get much time to visit online and feel like I’ve been “gone” forever. LOL! But I”m soaking up every minute NOT spoiling our new baby by holding him all the time, taking naps and painting girls’ fingernails. I think I’m gonna make some cranberry scones to stick in the freezer so the girls & I can have some impromptu afternoon tea parties… I’ll share that recipe here next week!


One thought on “Just Touching Base!

  1. Dawn says:

    Hey there girlfriend!!! I’m so glad your mom is there with you! That is such a needed break, I’m sure! And quick freezer meals…lucky!!!!! I can’t wait to see your mom when she comes here in May. It really has been too long! When are the two of us going to get together??? Huh????? 🙂

    Life here is crazy busy with work (for me) and school (for the kids) and….piano, dance, and baseball. We are busy every night. I’m so darn tired most days and so forgetful. I even forgot Bella’s school pictures. UGH! She was wearing skinny jeans and a Justin Beiber t-shirt for class pictures. NOT what I would’ve suggested had I remembered the day!!!! SO….things are just crazy, but I love hearing from you!

    Keep your head up! LM will be in school before you know it. 🙁

    <3 ya!!!

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