Kept Bible Study – I Peter 1:3-12

FOCUS. I am REALLY enjoying this dig into I Peter. I’ve read I Peter before and done some studies in it, but this study has really brought out some new things about Suffering and Grace and as ever, it’s perfectly timed with real life.

Looking at Peter, a man who truly loved Jesus, but wrestled himself and his flesh in front of the entire world – well, it’s inspiring. It’s awful to see someone who struggled so openly – and yet it is also encouraging. Peter was a man who walked next to Christ, who was part of the Inner Circle with Christ – who knew Jesus so personally – and yet he stumbled and faltered in his faith.

And yet when the Holy Spirit got ahold of him, all of those previous weaknesses became strengths. Peter’s impulsiveness turned into passion for the followers of Christ. Peter’s fear turned into a fiery faith that did not mince words, and offered comfort to persecuted Christians who faced certain martyrdom. Peter KNEW Jesus and the power of His salvation – and the book of I Peter really taps into that knowledge and assurance of salvation.

Sometimes it feels as though God is far away – not listening – when he is silent – but as believers, we have a great cloud of witnesses and verse 12 shares with us the fact that the angels in heaven stoop to observe the life of the saints.

…And now this Good News has been announced to you by those who preached in the power of the Holy Spirit sent from heaven. It is all so wonderful that even the angels are eagerly watching these things happen. (NLT)

The angels are the ones who go before the throne of the Lord and do his bidding – and even they are intrigued by this salvation we have been given. Salvation is about suffering and grace. Salvation is played out in our lives and the challenges we face as believers, and in the heaping measures of grace that are poured out over us daily.

This passage reminds us that God protects us and that as our faith is tested by the fire of life, it becomes treasured gold. And despite the pain and suffering, we can revel in his grace for us and learn to be “truly glad.” (vs 3.) This is where I have had to keep my eyes this week – for the past few weeks – because life is hard and we don’t always have the answers easily given to us. But GOD keeps us – no matter what – and that is what matters!

What do you Focus on when life is tough?

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7 thoughts on “Kept Bible Study – I Peter 1:3-12

  1. karen says:

    I really needed to read your post, it is so beautifully written and so calming. Yes, when life is hard we forget that God is there, quietly leading us where we need to be we just need to focus on him to get there. Wiping away my tears, thank you.

  2. Marsha *Nana* Baker says:

    Peter really is inspiring. Thanks for sharing. It’s so easy to fall and falter when life throws a ‘blow’ but it usually takes me about 24 hours to work through my ‘ugly’ thoughts, and then I’m more open to receive what He has for me. I wrap my heart around some Bible verses that minister to me…like Romans 8:18.

  3. The Queen Mommy says:

    Peter is one of my faves because he is so often TOO human. I can relate! I aim to be more like Paul who could praise God in a prison cell while ankle deep in waste and filth. or like Peter who had failed God is such major ways – and still saw God’s endless grace pour over Him and shape Him for use to glorify the Saviour! Thanks for your comment!

  4. karen says:

    oh I’m so upset, my comment didn’t show…I feel awful. I commented as soon as I linked up. I thought your post was just what I needed to read, well written and full of hope. Yes, life is full of challenges, but if we remain focused on what matters we will see what God has planned for us.

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