Life is Like a Merry Go-Round

When I was a little girl, my favorite thing on the playground was the merry go-round. I LOVED laying with my head in the middle and my feet braced against the bars while a friend would spin it as fast as she could. We’d take turns and do that the whole recess time. Sometimes it’s FUN to see how fast you can go. Sometimes it’s better to see how quickly you can stop. Either way, Life is very often like a Merry Go Round, isn’t it?

My dad is MUUUUUUCH improved – probably getting out of ICU today. Mom says he’s really purple – I told the girls he’s gonna look like a Pirate when it’s all said and done. Curly saw a picture and said he looked “ridicoubble” (ridiculous + terrible)… He didn’t require pain medication yesterday and was able to feed himself, so he’s on the road back. I haven’t even spoken with him yet – but hope I can soon.

Georgie is much better, too. Curly was home yesterday with the tummy bug, and Little Man & I were up most of the night wrestling with it ourselves. It’s hit all of us in different ways – and when the girls went to school this morning, LM & I took a nap. It helped. So did a shower. But 4 days of not doing much around the house makes me crazy – and I am only straightening up a little at a time. But mostly, Little Man & I are cuddling today and taking it easy.

I have a friend who is bringing us dinner tonight. I am SO thankful! I didn’t know I’d be feeling like this today – and we certainly need something good to eat. I’m really grateful for the way God provides for us before we even know we NEED anything. He’s amazing that way.

So when you take a meal to someone – what’s your favorite thing to make???