I couldn’t help it.  I had to share pictures of the beautiful lilac bushes that frame our wrap-around porch!

Lilacs 3

We knew we had lilac bushes on the side porch, but it wasn’t until the small budding blossoms appeared at the bushes that flank our front steps that we realized we also have dwarf lilac bushes.

Lilacs 2

You have to know that I absolutely LOVE LILACS.

I spent 4 years of my life – high school, in fact – in Spokane, Washington.  The Lilac City.  Where they hold a Lilac Festival every year.  One of my high school friends was voted Lilac Princess during our high school years.  It’s a LOVELY festival, and the city is literally sprinkled with lilac bushes at almost every park and many private yards and public gardens.Lilacs 1

Wonderful visually, when I started seeing my lilacs in bloom, I was totally bowled over with sweet memories…

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