Little Tricks to make Meal Planning A Breeze

Do you plan ahead for you week’s menus? Maybe even for a whole month’s worth of menus?

It can be overwhelming and even difficult to plan many meals in advance in the face of busy schedules and changing moods. Here are a couple of tricks I’ve discovered that have proved successful in my own family life:

  • Make a list of family favorites. If your family has a few favorite meals that they love, why not make a list of them – including regular side dishes and desserts – and keep a list of your “Favorite 21” or “Favorite 15” family meals! When you have a whole month to plan for, you can easily rotate these favorites often enough so your family does not get bored with them or tired of them.
  • Work from the same source on a weekly basis. Select one recipe book or recipe file to use for a set week – then you only have to reference that one source when it’s time to prepare your meals during that time frame. What a time (and space) saver! You can include pg numbers next to your menu items, saving time and keeping it simple.
  • Prepare several meals in double proportions and freeze half. This is a GREAT way to save both time and money. Take advantage of your store’s sales and prepare a dish that your family loves! You can double the recipe and freeze half. Develop a system of labeling & dating the items so nothing goes to waste.
  • Don’t forget to try new recipes. This was one of my mom’s favorite hobbies: New Recipes. And we were always her willing guinea pigs! It’s easy to get stuck in a rut when it comes to meal preparation – so throw in a few new recipes each month to change things up! You may find a new family favorite recipe that will help you keep things fresh and keep your family satisfied!

These are just a FEW tips to get you started! For more help, visit Dine Without Whine to help YOU find success in the kitchen!