Making Small Changes for Good Health

So this is NOT just another post about a New Year resolution to lose weight.  Nope, not this one.  Although I am spending some time focusing on my health and will hopefully see some weight loss, I am spending more time researching and reading and talking to people about other changes to diet and living in general.

Essential Oils

Are you familiar with essential oils?  What is your experience with them?  I have spent money buying books, reading articles and blog posts, and talking to people about essential oils and the impact they have on good health.  There are many people who think essential oils are just hocus pocus or not worth the time to read about them.  I have found that the more I read about them, the more sense it makes to me that essential oils are very beneficial to healthy living.

For my family, the month of December was fraught with sickness after virus after illness.  We all passed a variety of things to one another and kept bringing new and more challenging “bugs” home every time we went out.  (Or so it seemed!)

I had tea tree oil and lavender oil on hand and when used consistently, we did see improvement in the coughing and congestion that plagued each one of us throughout the month.  And then a REALLY thoughtful friend came by and loaned me a diffuser, while giving me 3 bottles of essential oils I had yet to try.  And they have proved to be VERY good for us.  The 3 she brought to me were doTerra brand – On Guard, Lemon, and Frankincense.

During my research, I’d read up on lemon oil and knew it was one I needed to invest in.  I knew less about Frankincense, but after researching it, discovered it’s multiple uses and benefits, especially for my family!  I’m going to write more about these oils and link up to some posts by others who have been using essential oils longer than me so you can read more about them, too.

Gluten-Free Eating

Last summer, my sister-in-law told me that my brother and their oldest daughter required gluten-free foods.  One of them has celiac disease, and the other is very sensitive to gluten in their diet.  She talked a little about finding alternative foods – different brands for pasta and flours.  But we didn’t get to talk in depth, and then it seemed like I saw an explosion of articles and blogs who focused on gluten-free diets.

And then the Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle came along, and with it several books about gluten free eating, and recipe collections as well.

One of MY family’s issues is Little Man, who had Hirschprung’s disease.  When we added rice cereal to his diet at 5 months, he exhibited constipation and that led to the discover of his disease, and subsequent surgery.  He can eat rice, but in limited quantities.  Since rice flour is a popular alternative to wheat flour, we are going to have to be a little bit more creative.

There are other flours to choose from such as almond, coconut, quinoa, brown rice, and cornstarch, and I won’t rule out brown rice flour entirely, but we are going to plan to spend a week or two eating gluten-free exclusively  because of our family’s history of eczema, dye sensitivities, skin problems & allergies, and ADHD.

ADHD may be affected by diet, although it is a strongly debated topic, and because of the other benefits it can have on our family, a gluten-free diet is worth our time and effort.


My friend, Christie, is a HUGE proponent of Omega 3s.  She has told me more than once that it is ONE thing she is adamant that her family takes because of the benefits it has on one’s body.  The more research I have done on alternative options for treating ADHD, the more I have read about the benefits of adding high doses of Omega 3s to the diet.

The trick is finding something that provides a healthy supplement, as well as NOT giving a gross “fishy” flavor.  It’s important when you’re talking about KIDS taking a supplement.  It IS something we are consulting their pediatrician about in conjunction with other medication options, but the side effects of the medications we have been using are rather scary, and if we can find EFFECTIVE and SAFE alternatives, I really want to do that.

We are making other changes for good health, but these are 3 of the first steps we are taking toward that goal!

What is your experience with essential oils?  Do you eat gluten-free and what are your favorite substitutes for making a switch to gluten-free?  And what are your thoughts on Omega-3s in the diet?  Any experience using them with ADHD? 

I’d really love to hear your thoughts and recommendations!