Monday Morning already?

I don’t know where my days are going. I am getting much done and enjoying family time – but WHERE are the days going?

We were, in fact, snowed in this weekend. Starting Friday afternoon until yesterday. Our local news reported only 13″ of snow, so we fared better than many places – but I ventured out yesterday to get a few things at the store and the roads were really hazardous.

The sun was shining almost the entire day yesterday, so while that may have melted off some snow, we woke up to single digit temperatures (before wind chill). The good news is that Curly FINALLY got to go back to class. She missed 2 days last week. Roy reminded me that last year she missed her Valentines Day party at Mommys Day out, and its scheduled for Wednesday, so HOPEFULLY she can go this week!!!

School is getting busier – MUCH reading to do, video lectures to watch (4 videos per week for each of my 2 classes) and last week while nap strikes were on, it was interesting to juggle getting my lectures watched. BUT we got through the week, and so far so good. Each counseling class really has so much to offer and I’m really learning more than my brain can hold.

Curly & I made our first lapbook together. It was sorta based on The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle. Such a cute book – and I found so many CUTE things online to work with. Gotta love free printables!!! I’ll get some photos taken and share them this week. It was our first attempt and she really likes being able to show it to people and explain the caterpillar’s life stages.

I’ve got some things planned this week to prepare for Valentines Day for them. Going to try to focus on activities rather than baking sweet treats…

Although that is one thing I do enjoy about being snowed in – being in my kitchen! I made a pot of potato soup and some homemade wheat bread (made with honey and white whole wheat flour) on Saturday, and then Roy & the girls threw a roast and veggies in the crock pot for Sunday. Oh, was it GOOD. We’ve been using a lot of raw garlic to help boost our immune system naturally. Curly even ate a clove yesterday – I was surprised.

So it’s another busy week, and I hope to bake more of this delicious bread. It was my first attempt so the dough needed to rise a little longer and bake a little longer – bread baking is one that takes practice. And I’ll be happy to practice it again!

Hope you all have a lovely week.

3 thoughts on “Monday Morning already?

  1. Alisha says:

    Oh, well JUST 13″ of snow? In one day? Just? We did have 14″ down here in hot ol’ Texas for the Christmas Eve blizzard. It was an unprecedented amount for us and they had to get the National Guard down to dislodge drivers from the ditches. I have never seen a winter like this one. Can’t say I care for it a lot. BUT if we wind up in Alaska, I better get used to it.

    So, JUST 13″ of snow, eh? Man it’s winter everywhere! Lol.. I bet you and your Alaska blood are loving it! Me… it’s taking some getting used to. We’re having rain like crazy here. It’s so wet, I can’t park my van where I usually do. It fishtails backwards.

    And now you have me craving potato soup! I think that’s what me and the dudes will have for lunch!

    And just think, with all the garlic, you won’t have fleas, if they could stand the cold!

    Happy Monday!

  2. queenmommy says:

    Hahaha. I laughed as I wrote “just 13” only because some folks didn’t get any. I said “just” because I know places that got almost 3 feet of snow – so we were spared somewhat…

    Curly said she wanted to go sledding on our way home from PreK today – and I told her that I used to LOVE to go sledding. Oh, we’d go until our faces were red and we had to take baths to get warmed up again. What fun we had in Alaska!!!

  3. Narelle says:

    Tuesday morning already *grin*

    The days are flying by aren’t they – which is kinda okay when we know we’re doing our best and being productive!!

    I’m loving baking bread at the moment… just want to get my hands on another bread tin!! Need to start researching them so that when I have the $$ I can jump to it!

    We’re enjoying some winter soups here too – though it’s the peak of summer LOL We’re getting some great zucchini’s from our garden and soup is one of the many uses we’re finding for them! Great with homemade bread

    Have you got the book ‘nourishing traditions’?

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