Motherhood’s Journey

We often talk about how quickly children grow and change. We measure their height with pencil marks on a doorframe. We chart their first years of life in a baby book or on calendars. We note accomplishments and scrapbook their successes.

But how often do we journal our own growth, effort, accomplishments, and successes as we journey through Motherhood?

I’m not talking about BRAGGING about ourselves, so much as I am talking about recording the moments when we see how God has changed us. How God has poured His Grace into our life, how He has built up patience in our spirits, or how He has given us measure after measure of understanding and endurance to meet the challenges of motherhood.

This blog has become my own personal journal for my journey of Motherhood. It didn’t really begin that way. It did begin with documentation of my daughter’s growth and changes. It did begin with pictures and reports of doctor visits and meeting milestones.

And then the message began to change. My journey began to change. More children. More experiences. More time.

And this outlet moved into something of a record of my days as a mother. As a wife. As a woman. As a follower of Christ.

Last December, I wrote of my heart’s wish to earn an “A” in motherhood. How writing is something that comes naturally to me at most times, and how I wished that motherhood came so easily.

As I reread that post, I began to see how God has really begun to meet my heart’s desires and how He HAS begun to pour His Grace into my life and into my ability to mother my children.

That is not to say that I have mastered grace.

Rather, I’m beginning to see how Grace may master me.

Tracing God’s hand in my life – when I don’t have time to sit and write with pen in hand – can be found when I reread my own blog. My ability – no, not just my ability – but my passion to document my own journey as a mother – is almost like God’s way of showing me how He listens to me. How He bends His ear to my heart. How He DOES care about the tiniest matters in my life – and that they matter to Him, too.

The fact that anyone else reads and reflects upon my journey is the whipped cream on my frappuccino. I appreciate your willingness to read what I write. To comment on it and share how it affects you. I like the interaction. I like the commentary. I would love to see more of it.

But the truth is – seeing God work in me – through this public testimony of sorts, moves me deeply. Reminds me of how much He loves me. Shows me how He meets my deepest needs. And how He walks with me – hand in hand – in this Motherhood Journey.

How blessed I am…