My Baby Brother’s Birthday

It’s my Baby Brother’s Birthday – and I would be remiss NOT to talk about him today.

He is probably one of my best friends. He probably doesn’t know it because we’re not the chatty, do everything together kind of best friends. But he’s a good guy. He knows me. He still likes me (or at least pretends to) and doesn’t hold it against me that i was rough on him as a big sister.

But enough about me, right?

Dave was born when I was 8 years old. He was my first real-live baby doll! And he was a BABY DOLL! He had all this THICK, DARK hair – and was really ruddy when he was born. I can remember seeing him laying there in a diaper in his bassinet and I FELL. IN. LOVE.

When he was 6 weeks old, he had to have surgery for pyloric stenosis. A digestive issue, food could not pass into his stomach, so he was slowly starving to death. I can remember how sickly he looked. And then afterwards, how stinking cute he was cuz he got CHUBBY!

Oh and he giggled. He giggled like that kind of baby giggle that makes YOU giggle. And he made us giggle all the time. He was so sweet and loving and funny. And grew up that way for the most part.

I was a terribly bossy big sister (a habit I am STILL trying to overcome…) and he was a good brother. We laughed a lot together – and we still do. We share a similar sense of humor and all it takes is a look and we crack up. (This is a family legacy kind of thing – my dad and his sisters & brothers are the same way.)

When he joined the Navy I was really proud. And when he got shipped off after 9/11 – I was never more terrified! Thankfully, he made it back home – and now he can be a husband & dad to his sweet wife & 3 kids. Who are probably more like him than he cares to admit.

Yep – Dave is a good fella – a fun guy – and a really great brother. And even though we don’t get to hang out like we used to – and can’t carry on a conversation like we used to (cuz I don’t know about you, but when I answer the phone, my kids think it’s time to play CIRCUS!) – but I will ALWAYS love him and am glad he’s my brother.

Happy Birthday Baby Brother.

And Dave, I did NOT break your arm!!!

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