How I Bullet Journal {aka My Dot Grid Reference Book}

Like I said yesterday, I am using a dot grid notebook to get myself organized for Back to School.  Obviously, you could use a notebook of any kind, a composition book, or some app out there on your phone.  For me, this is something tangible that I can fit into my purse along with my phone!  It is my Dot Grid Reference Book for Mom!!!

Basic look of my Dot Grid notebook

Basic look of my Dot Grid notebook

This is what the dot grid layout looks like leaveing a lot of room for designing my own pages and layouts! The grid is helpful for both rows & columns.

I am not bound by lines and can draw lines however I want do, if I even want to.  I find a blank page too abstract and a lined page too confining sometimes – so this layout is just about PERFECT for me!  Like I said, I have a couple of them and find that I am consistently using them for their designated purpose and not just writing on a couple of pages and then losing track of where the notebook even is.  Not that I’ve ever done that before.


Breakfast ideas in my dot grid journal - sorry it's a little blurry!

Breakfast ideas in my dot grid notebook

This is a really blurry picture of my Breakfast Ideas list. Honestly, mornings are hard enough without me having to scrambling to think of things for my kids to eat. Mom is barely functioning before coffee, so this little reference list will help me not only plan for grocery shopping, but with helping me prep and make suggestions to my kids in the morning when we’re not quite awake but quite hungry!  And if we’re ever running late, I think it will be a handy reference for any of us to look at in a pinch.  I dont cook breakfast on school days – except for maybe oatmeal – and sometimes it really does come down to looking at a list and making a selection!

Lunch Ideas - listed out so I can have options to choose from!

Lunch Ideas – listed out so I can have options to choose from!

Now this little gem is my Lunch Ideas section. I have set aside 4 pages for specific lists to help me take ideas from my Pinterest Board and add it to a reference so I don’t have to get online to come up with lunch ideas. I have been a COMPLETE and utter failure with lunch planning. Not beating myself up – this is a fact, Jackson, so I decided to review my Pinterest boards and make a list of ideas for suggestions when packing lunches. This is something we will do together – not just me, not just them – and again, depending on what’s in my pantry, we have suggestions for “Roll-ups” or putting items together in a way that is appealing, healthy, and satisfying.

Frankly, this is all written down so I don’t have to do any major thinking and tax my brain in the morning when the morning clamor takes over.  One thing I have learned and am working to accept about myself is the way I shut down in the midst of “clamor”.  My kids have learned to get louder and louder, and I can feel myself shrinking away and shutting down – leaving them to do pretty much whatever they want.  NOT good for any of us.

This little Reference Book is designed to help me stay intentional in the middle of the clamor and focused on what I can do, and not feeding the behaviors my kids have adapted to… So not only is this a practical reference book, but I think it might become an essential tool to help me improve my ability to engage with my kids in a meaningful way.

Oh – and tomorrow, I’m going to show you how I decorated the cover to make it TOTALLY ME!!!

Share your favorite Go To tool for helping work through your morning clamor!

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