My Essential Oil Cupboard

Please read the disclaimer at the top of the right hand sidebar as I am not a medical professional and will not provide medical advice or diagnosis.

I decided to show you some pictures and take you on a short tour of my own personal Essential Oil Cupboard.  Because safety is so important, I keep my essential oils stored in an out-of-reach cabinet in my kitchen.  It is both more difficult for my kids to get into them, and close at hand for my blending purposes, and it is a sort of dark corner that does not get direct light (which is also important for safe storage).

Here is where I keep them:

I store my 2 baskets nestled between stock pots that I don’t use all the time, but need to keep on hand for chili or soup or boiling chicken.  When I started with essential oils, I had one bottle of Lavender oil (this is my Amazon affiliate link, and I had great success using this particular brand).  Because I grew up knowing about alternative remedies, it wasn’t a big leap for me to start digging into more info about essential oils, and it grew into something over the past 4 years that looks more like this:

The white basket is my primary basket of oils.

The black basket contains 2nd bottles, samples, sprays, and a kit of oils (the green bag) I won from another blog (ACK!!!)

I have a small cosmetic bag I carry with me as my Go-To Kit, as well.  I have created my own blends of rollerball recipes, used others’ rollerball recipes, and diluted some oils for use that I like to keep at hand.  We have regular issues with digestion, joint pain, and nerves/anxiety – so these rollerballs are what I use most often.

I did start learning about oils in conjunction with an MLM company.  I will NOT knock any of the MLM companies I am familiar with.  I don’t always agree with the instructions given by sales consultants, because I have done my own personal research that tells me otherwise.  But I won’t disparage anyone other than to say I RARELY INGEST ANY OILS. (There are safer alternatives for ingestion which I will write about in some future post).

My decision to NOT regularly ingest oils is based purely on a variety of articles and posts I have read over time, as well as personal experience with essential oils use.

My primary applications for essential oil use are Topical application and Diffusion (aromatherapy).  Again, after reading extensive articles and interviews, I determined these methods to be most effective and utilize them most often for my family.  In my humble opinion, you should determine your own personal use, but be aware that essential oils are powerful substances and you should rely on both caution and self-education to use them well.

Do you have a collection of essential oils?  How do you store your oils?






P.S. – I will talk about my specific brands of oils next week.  I just need some time to get all my info together so it is an article that you can reference if you would like!