My Favorite BB Cream {Product Review}

I am not a big fan of foundation.  Most foundations end up feeling cakey on my skin, or contribute to break-outs, OR actually draw attention to the flaws I attempt to minimize.

Enter BB Cream.

BB Creams are a BIG craze right now and most cosmetic lines are coming out with their own version.  “BB” typically stands for “Beauty Balm” and indicates that the product is supposed to offer more than just a make-up-cosmetic use.  Each BB Cream offers it’s own benefits, but usually includes moisturization, SPF, smoothing, brightening, concealing, and added benefits like antioxidants. (this all started when I received a free sample of Pixi Highlighting Cream, which is like a BB cream, and fell in love with it.  Only to discover that it was being discontinued when I wanted to get more. sigh.)


Here’s what you should know about me:  I am 44 years old.  I have combination skin, oily in the T-zone/dry on the cheeks.  More oily in summer, more dry in winter.   I use an anti-wrinkle cream almost every morning, and occasionally use an eye serum to help with extra dryness and more noticeable fine lines.  I have a lot of lines around my eyes, the start of crow’s feet, and large pores with rough spots and occasional ruddiness just around my nose.

I bought CoverGirl Smoothers SPF 15 Tinted Moisturizer, Light To Medium 810, 1.35 Ounce Package  because of all of the generally available cosmetics, Cover Girl seems to be my preference.  I found this BB Cream to be satisfactory.  It went on easier than foundation, blended perfectly into my skin without leaving a super heavy feel, and it did seem to soften my skin and smooth some very fine lines.  However, I was conscious of it being on my face, and found that if I wiped my face throughout the day, it would rub off.  So it was ONLY satisfactory.  And if I didn’t wash my face at bedtime, I inevitably had a breakout.  BB Creams are kinda supposed to help prevent breakouts, so that was disappointing for me.

I saw the NEW Rimmel London BB Cream – Medium and thought I’d give it a try.  It was not expensive, and I was surprised by the silky texture.  I bought the Medium shade and it did not leave any marks or streaks.  However, it set on my face more like a foundation as the day went on.  It did not easily run or wear off, nor did it prevent shine, reduce my pore size, or even out my tone.  I did not notice any longer lasting benefits from using this and quickly threw it into my makeup bag.

When I started shopping at CVS, because of a combination of coupons, store sales, and member rewards, I was able to purchase a Physicians Formula Super BB All-in-1 Beauty Balm Cream Light Medium — 1.2 fl oz  for less than $2.00!  That is the primary reason I selected this BB cream.  Where I live (Ohio), it is typically priced more than $15.  It is a larger tube than the other two I previously purchased.  And when it came out of the tube, I was shocked at how SMOOTHLY it went onto my skin!  It felt like moisturizer going on.  The shade happened to match perfectly, and it did not feel greasy or oily, it just glided onto my skin and smoothed the surface.  The ruddiness faded out.  The fine lines began to melt away.  And if I happened not to wash it off my face at bedtime, I woke up feeling more like my skin was simply moisturized, rather than greased over.  I have not had a breakout due to this product, and it definitely has improved my skin’s texture with more use.  I like that.  It gives me a sort of airbrushed glow compared to the other two products, or compared to not wearing anything at all – and I like that, too.

If you don’t like wearing foundation, but like to treat your skin to something nice, I would really recommend the Physicians Formula version of BB Cream.  If you are younger or have different type skin you may find different results, but I think BB Creams are worth giving a try.

I was not asked to offer my opinion on these products, and am not being compensated either in product or payment.  I DID include my amazon affiliate links so if you are curious you can read more about each product online.  If you choose to purchase through those links, I will receive a small commission and treat myself to some coffee!  I’m just sharing my experience with 3 specific BB Creams that I have purchased on my own.