My Husband ROCKS the CrockPot

I love it when my husband gets these ideas – like decided to cook on Sundays. I love that. I like it even better when he pulls out the crockpot and loads it up with goodies and we get to taste scrumptious meat and veggies that he prepares early in the mornings. My husband ROCKS the crockpot!

About a month ago, he announced that he would start cooking on Sundays to help me out. I am still rather sleep deprived these days and he has been stepping in to help out so I can breathe. Like the other morning when he let me stay in bed while he got up with our girls and tried to keep them occupied so I could sleep in. What a blessing THAT was! Thankfully, Little Man cooperated and slept too!

So a little extra sleep – and a big pork loin with sweet potatoes, carrots, onions, and apple – really provided a lot of nourishment this weekend. He said he seasoned the pork with worcestershire, soy sauce, seasoned salt, and salt & pepper. He chopped the sweet potatoes and onion, added apple slices and baby carrots and about a cup of water. He set it to cook on low for 10 hours, so it was perfect for supper – and my girls LOVED it too!

The meat was so tender it fell apart. And everything tasted scrumptious – cuz you KNOW Pork Fat Rules!

And BONUS – only one dish to clean. Whether it’s been a whole chicken with vegetables or pork ribs and roast with vegetables, he has been fixing something every Sunday for almost a month – and it’s been DIVINE! If you ever want help with crockpot cooking – let me know and I’ll ask him the questions. =)

Which is good, cuz I can totally relate to my dishes having their own zipcode these days…

3 thoughts on “My Husband ROCKS the CrockPot

  1. Donna Standridge says:

    DEbbie, I like your husband’s crockpot recipe. I’m not a huge fan of pork, but Joy love pork and sweet potatoes are her very favorite potato so I’m going to try this. We both love carrots. Thanks for sharing this.

  2. Dawn Mackesy says:

    Deb – Sounds yummy! I have that going in my crockpot today…except mine is a beef roast, not a pork roast…and I don’t have sweet potatoes in, just regular. That really bums me out, too, because I LOVE sweet potatoes!!!! Never thought of throwing those in! My favorite is to cook them, then put butter and feta cheese on them. Oh. My. Goodness!!!! I am so hungry right now! 🙂 Love ya, girlfriend!!!! Glad that your hubbers is helping out! It really makes a difference, doesn’t it?!?!?!

  3. The Queen Mommy says:

    Donna – My hubby isn’t a big fan of pork either, and he wasn’t sure how this might turn out. But he was very pleased!!!

    Dawn – we’ve had sweet potatoes a few times in the crockpot now, and this time of year I REALLY love them! They are so good with pork, too! It really does make a difference that he helps like this.

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