October Baby – A Movie about Adoption and Abortion

October Baby is a movie by Provident Films about a young woman who discovers she is adopted after a collapse at college. Not only adopted, but an abortion survivor – and that prompts her to take a journey through which God moves in amazing ways. I saw the link for this movie via Cindy Rushton on Facebook and I had to share it!!! I shared it ON Facebook – but now I’m sharing it here with you.

If you haven’t noticed, I’ve removed my abortion and adoption stories from easy access. I’m working on rewriting them and this movie just really pushes me hard to DO it faster. =)

  • So go visit the October Baby site! Watch the trailers and read more about the cast & crew!
  • Visit the Resources Page to find ways to help support this movie – and/or the ministry partners they are involved with!

Abortion is a hot-topic issue for a variety of reasons. People are passionate about life – but I want you to understand one thing – GOD is passionate about life. Not just the life of the unborn child – but also the woman who considers terminating her pregnancy or follows through on her decision. Whatever you think about abortion – please understand that God cares as much for the woman’s LIFE as the baby’s life.

Abortion does not simply terminate a pregnancy. It strangles the spirit and life from the woman who has an abortion.

I’m very excited about this movie – about seeing what I can do to watch it nearby!!!

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