Only Jesus

To so many of us, the story of Jesus is much more than a story.  Whenever we met Jesus, or whenever we finally caved into His Calling – once you have come to know Him, you cannot ever truly deny Him again.  (let me add – you cannot ever truly deny Him again without denying life everlasting…)

For every one of us who believe in Christ, there are so many more who have swallowed the whispered lies of a deceiver.  an enemy whose sole purpose is to steal, kill, and destroy.

We face the enemy in our own walk with Christ, but when Christ goes before you, the enemy is overcome.

But for those who don’t know Christ, they face a battle they cannot win.

I have read through many facebook comments and blog comments in the past several months that just make my stomach hurt.  Not because people are expressing their opinions.  But that the expression is filled with such vile, such disgust, and such blasphemy it makes me ill.  But what I’ve come to see as I’ve continued to read, is just how lost so many people are.  Led astray by philosophies and ideologies which contradict God’s Word and His Saving Grace.

We must remember, that whoever stands before us, or comments in a Facebook thread or blog post, whoever tweets and messages – if they don’t know Christ – THEY. ARE. LOST.  The lies of the enemy are so silky smooth, they “tickle” ears. And sadly, those lies make sense to the mind of one who does not know the Light.

Whenever we battle for Christ, it is SO important to remember that we do not battle that person standing in our face.  Or trolling our Facebook page.  Or spamming our blog and email.  Or taking what is good and twisting it for not good.

Those who stand against Israel and her God.

Those who stand against Bible believers and their God.

Those who stand against God.

They have been lied to, led astray, deceived, and bilked out of an eternal inheritance by an enemy who gleefully sentences them to eternal death.  When they scream support for Pro-Abortion, Pro-anything-but-Israel, Anti-Consequence, Anti-God, Anti-Family, Anti-Christian – they are led by the screams of a determined enemy.

And we should pray.  Because one day, we all.  EVERY. SINGLE. ONE. will bow at the feet of the Almighty God – and we will all be crushed by our brokenness.  And only those of us whose sins have been covered, whose wrongs have been made Righteousness by the stripes on His back – only THOSE will be lifted from brokenness to wholeness and life forever with the One who made us.

When we take a stand for God, we must not ever stand on the backs of the broken ones who live deceivedWe must stand on the Truth and Righteousness of the Christ who was broken for us.  Jesus, Only Jesus.

Click the link below for a reminder of this.  May we live today for Jesus, Only Jesus.

Jesus, Only Jesus


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  1. The Better Baker says:

    DebbieJTaylor – this is a beautiful and powerful post, so beautifully expressed from your heart. The video lifted my heart high. Thanks so much for sharing both. Whether we think we’re at the bottom…or the top….what matters most is ONLY JESUS!!

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