The Aftermath…

So, I took Friday & Monday off this past weekend - our anniversary and my birthday... CaaLalla did indeed have a stomach virus Friday, which made things somewhat interesting and meant we needed to stay close to home. Saturday morning she appeared to be better and we even were able to decorate a gingerbread house [...]

Shopping with a Toddler

Yes, it finally happened - the dreaded Temper-tantrum-throwing-Toddler while trying to shop for Christmas presents... Princess CaaaLalla decided that she wanted to touch everything and when the King told her to stop and moved her away from the shelves, she pitched a royal fit. Screaming, kicking, crying - pushing him away - moving his hands [...]

Need to Powder My Nose

I decided after visiting many mommy blogs recently that my blog needed a bit of an update. I started making the update yesterday, but officially retitled the blog and renamed the "characters" in my life...The King - is of course, my handsome, hottie husband. (wolf whistle.) Yowza!Princess CaaaLalla is our oldest, curly haired diva.Princess KT [...]

Notes from the Queen Mother

I love Thanksgiving. This Thanksgiving was really wonderful because I had extra time with the King and our two lovely Princesses. Princess CaaLalla is growing up way too quickly. She is such a bright, empathetic, loving, funny child - I'm in awe that she came through me. She "lubs" her baby sister so much and [...]

Family Restrooms

For the faint of heart, please do not read this - I'm a mom and dealing with pee & poop in any form and at any time is apparently one of my responsibilities... Seriously - I am not sure what lesson God is trying to teach me, but being up to my elbows in pee [...]