The Summer Slide

[crickets] Blogging three weeks ago about my new grandson was a real highlight so far this summer.  He is gorgeous and healthy and growing so fast!  Thankfully his tired parents are able to text and share updates with me in real time.  He & his family live a long day's drive away from us and [...]

A Day in Your Courts

My verse for this blog is Psalm 84:11.  It reads: For the Lord God is a sun and shield.  The Lord gives grace and glory;  he does not withhold the good from those who live with integrity. (HCSB) The Lord does give grace and glory.  Last night my son Mikhael became a father.  To a [...]

Adoption, Birth and a Grandson!

No, I am NOT pregnant.  But at the time of this post, my son Mikhael and his wife Kendra are!  They still are, I should say, but won't be for much longer as she is in labor at the hospital. This is so exciting on so many levels.  One because, yes, I get to become [...]

Rolling in the Deep

I am a big fan of Adele's music.  She's got a hip vibe that I really like and sings with a lot of sass.  My dad has most - if not all - of her CDs, which is saying a lot where he's concerned.  My kids even enjoy it - it's like you KNOW she [...]


I am a little bit bummed - had to change my theme so the links would show up, but they are worth seeing, so I made the jump (temporarily I hope!)  These are some fun summertime resources for moms! SUMMER ACTIVITY PAGES 100 Free Summer Activities by Natural Beach Living 40 Summer Bucket List Ideas (and [...]