Life is all about perspective, isn’t it?

I mean, really. Our thoughts, ideas, feelings – are almost always guided and shaped by our perspective.

Did someone just cut you off in traffic? (Did they really or do you just think they did?)

Did he just say that rude thing to me? (Was he really being rude or did I assume rudeness?)

You get the idea.

And then there are those things in life that are not based on perspective. They are based in reality.

Cancer. In a child.

I’ve written here about my nephew, Caden, who is in the maintenance therapy for his leukemia.

I’ve written about our pastor’s son, Jon, who is undergoing chemotherapy for his Stage IV cancer.

And now I need to share a link for a little baby – Layla Grace – who is dying from cancer. Her family has had her for 10 months, and she is suffering a painful death. It is hard to read the blog posts – and even harder to imagine yourself in this family’s shoes. But read it anyway. Pray for this family in the midst of intense suffering.

We cannot always understand why bad things happen. We never will understand it this side of heaven. But we can always trust God’s Character – and rest in the fact that He delights in providing purpose and meaning out the midst of our deepest, darkest pain…