Pinning Recipes {Blackberry Cream Cheese Danish}

Some people complain about Pinterest becoming a waste of time. Pins collected that will NEVER be used; hours spent pinning that could be spent otherwise.

I get that. I have wasted some time on Pinterest, myself.

HOWEVER, I think Pinterest can be one of the most useful tools available on the internet, and I use it as such. I have boards that are playful and haphazard, but I also have boards that are like online filing cabinets – recipes, DIY recipes, DIY project instructions, and more.

To each her own, and like everything else, we should seek to redeem our time. Several of my friends have started posting on Facebook or their blogs about recipes they are finding on Pinterest and preparing for their families. While I’m not jumping on that bandwagon, I wanted to share this recipe because this mommy is a RABID fan of breakfast danish.  I made a lovely cheese danish for New Year’s breakfast last year, and it was a huge hit at my house.  When I saw this pinterest danish recipe, I pinned it and will be making it THIS WEEKEND just because!  Well, just because blackberries happen to be on sale – and I’m tired of all the cold snow and wind and want something bright and fruity to greet the day!

This recipe comes from Six Sisters Stuff – they’ve got TONS of recipes, but this one had me at hello…

Click the link below to find the recipe

It looks and sounds SO good, I can’t pass it up!