Polish Pierogi and Perfect Purses

I’m taking a quick break from EWomen stuff today. I wrote what I needed about my 2 favorite speakers – but there is more about the others that I’ll try to post tomorrow.

I don’t know about you but Fall makes me want to spend more time in the kitchen. I love baking. I love apples and pumpkin and squash. It’s a perfect time of year to turn the oven on and start producing good things that make the house smell good and taste so scrumptious.

I haven’t gotten started just yet, but my wheels have been turning about trying some new breakfast pastries, some new breads & muffins, and of course I will have to make our favorite Sweet Potato Pie. Mmmmmm!

I’m also gonna try my hand at making Pierogi’s. One of my pregnancy craving has been potato cakes. I tried these appetizers at a local pub that literally make my mouth water when I think about them. Served with sides of sour cream and applesauce, I can polish them off in just a couple of minutes and they are SO. DELICIOUS! But then I made some frozen pierogis last week and remembered how much I love them. They aren’t very expensive to buy – but I would like to try my own hand at making them.

My grandmother was Polish, and while there aren’t too many foods I’d like to try (duck blood soup?), the idea that pierogis may come from Poland has me intrigued. They are basically little potato dumplings – and whether they are baked or fried, they are just really satisfying. Comfort food. And a gal from church shared her posted recipe with me HERE. So I’m gonna give it a go!

One thing I didn’t share about my experience in Ft. Wayne, is that Vera Bradley hosts outlet sales at the same coliseum where our EWomen event was held. If you don’t know Vera Bradley – well, you should. Or else avoid her completely, because you will get hooked.

Vera Bradley purses – you know, the beautiful fabric purses in a vast array of shapes, sizes, colors, and patterns – are some of my favorite things ever. Most of the pieces I have have been given to me as gifts, so I feel very blessed in that. They can be expensive. Although not much more expensive than other purses, to be honest, and with the huge array of styles and patterns, you can really get a nice little wardrobe of pieces to use over and over – and even hand down (someday, that is.) Although Curly has already said about my new “snappy” wallet – “and when you die, I get to have this wallet.”

Girl after my own heart…

My aunt Vicki can not only identify the patterns (even retired, out of date ones!) she can almost always name the piece itself. And she was sweet enough to bless me with a new Clutch Wallet in a beautiful brown pattern (Cafe Latte, of course – now retired) that coordinates nicely with my current purse. Oh my goodness! It is SO pretty and so handy. I’ve been carrying the All-in-One Wristlet which allowed me to carry my cell phone, debit card, and cash in one little compact bundle. Absolutely perfect for shopping, it’s been really great for summer! But I can’t carry our checkbook around, and more often than not, Roy has said “Do you have the checkbook with you?”

Now, the Clutch Wallet allows me to carry my essentials, my checkbook, and even my cell phone in one compact wallet. LOVE. IT. And I’m really thankful that she gifted me with something so beautiful and practical!

My favorite purse is the Betsy. It is a good size shoulder bag with an outer slip pocket and six internal slip pockets which keep my things very well organized. It’s large enough to hold a notebook – which I like to have on hand for writing – and works so well because it has a zipper top. It was a gift from my in-laws last Christmas. And I have used it A LOT without any kind of wear on it.

Do you have any favorite fall recipes? Are you a fan of Vera or do you have another Favorite Thing?

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  1. Maytina says:

    I can’t stay out of the kitchen all year. In the summer I do a lot of no-bake baking lol, I just love to tear it up in the kitchen. In the fall I do a lot of apple treats; turnovers, tarts, cakes, cupcakes, streusel, cider and on and on. Pumpkins and squash and carrots are fun to bake with in the fall too. Happy baking!! Those bags are beautiful!

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