Praying for Boys

I’d seen some notes and posts online – via Twitter and Facebook – about a new book authored by Brooke McGlothlin and 21 days of prayers for sons. The title of the book is Warrior Prayers – Praying the Word for Boys in the Areas They Need it Most. I thought – what a great idea! But I hadn’t dug into it any further than following Brooke on Twitter.

Little Man may only be 3 months old, but as I am already praying for him, I will take ANY tools I can get in that area! And then I happened to be online and was reminded of a Twitter party sponsored by The Farmer Files, and I happened to win a copy of the Warrior Prayers ebook! WOOT WOOT!

The challenge is to pray 10 times daily for 21 days. That’s a serious commitment. But the cool part was meeting a mom who lives about an hour from me, who has a 2 1/2 month old son, and she offered a spot in their accountability group for this challenge! SA-WEET! The challenge begins June 8 – that’s tomorrow – and I will be participating.

It’s no small thing to be a mother. And one of the BIGGEST responsibilities is praying for our children. I have not been the prayer warrior for my children that I hoped to be, and God & I have been working on that for several weeks already – this challenge just kicks it up a notch!

Little Man belongs to the Lord. And honestly, I pray as much to keep THAT commitment as anything else because it’s as much about my letting go and letting God rule his life as anything. But I do pray that he will become a sold-out Man of God who has a heart for God. As I’ve been reading through Psalms & Proverbs in my daily Bible reading, I’ve thought often of David’s wife and Solomon’s mother, Bathsheba.

She has gone down in history as some kind of seductress. I’ve often wondered if she even knew that King David was in the palace since he was supposed to be going out to war as kings did that time of year. Anyway – we all know about David’s heart for God – but I think we can also see Bathsheba’s heart for God, too. As the author of Proverbs, Solomon talks often about children making both mom & dad proud and that both parents impart wisdom to children. I don’t think that is an accident. As much as the Proverbs speak of a father’s wisdom, they speak of a mother’s wisdom, too. And considering the fact that Solomon asked GOD for wisdom when he could have asked for anything – speaks of good parenting – and parents’ efforts to cultivate a heart for God.

THAT is our biggest job as parents – cultivating a heart for God. We can enforce rules and encourage growth – but our biggest job is cultivating their little hearts for the Lord. They hear it in our words and see it in our lives – and it’s our most important responsibility.

Which is why prayer is such a critical part of parenting. Whether we have girls or boys.

***If you want to join the 21 Days of Prayer for Sons – it’s not too late. You can download the ebook or a copy to your Kindle if you have one. You can find the book here. You can read more about the challenge there, too.

This is just good practice for the rest of my life – and the start of good praying habits for my family. I’m looking forward to the challenge!!! Ooooh – and if you want some guidance in praying for your children – check out this post at Inspired to Action and download a FR*EE prayer calendar!

Do you have any advice for praying for your children? Do you struggle to pray effectively? What have you learned about praying for your children? Feel free to share how God has blessed your prayers for your children…

2 thoughts on “Praying for Boys

  1. Alle says:

    I’m so excited you’ve decided to join us! My guy is almost 3 months! What an honor it is to parent and pray for them, before they even understand it!

  2. queenmommy says:

    Alle – I’m excited too! I like having some guided prayers in the midst of all the normal, everyday prayers – and I look forward to increasing a new habit of prayer for my children!

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