Can I just tell you that I’ve got a lot going on this week? My schedule is changing – adding MOPS this month, going on a field trip with Curly, and starting to volunteer occasionally at her school.

While these are not serious changes, my computer time is a bit limited – especially this week. I’ve got homework to focus on – and I’m sincerely making an effort to put God first and let Him guide the rest of each day as it comes.

That being said, blogging is not a priority this week. As much as I love it and want it to be, God is moving it elsewhere, and I need to listen to His Heart on this matter…

I’ll be back – just need to take a break for a couple of days.

In the meantime, check out the October Specials for Teaporia, and be on the lookout for a Mom-Friendly COOKBOOK GIVEAWAY here at The QM Cafe!

2 thoughts on “Prioritizing!

  1. mrsbaker11 says:

    Just can’t go wrong keeping First things first. God will bless you richly for it – you go Girl! Computer time will come….but will be missing you while I wait for more. =)

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