Quick Family Updates

Hey all.  I have been working a part time 10-hr per week job since September.  My previous part-time job was 12-15 hours, and I hoped the extra few hours at home would be beneficial.  I think they have been and I appreciate the ability to work part-time at this point.

We have had a lot of ups and downs with Curly of late.  Is it puberty?  Is it tween angst?  Is it just that school is about to end and the major transition from regularly scheduled days to summer days is approaching?  Who knows.  This morning – she was all sunshine and rainbows, up at 5:30 a.m.   That is unusual for us, but very welcome for sure!  {Greg’s work schedule is changing from week to week as he moves to a 2nd shift schedule, and that has us in flux, which makes everybody a little testy – but in time we will smooth out.}  We are attempting to get Curly scheduled to meet with some Autism specialists to work on some issues with boundaries (both real and invisible), impulsivity, aggression and organization.  Difficulties with executive functioning make some days seem completely impossible – and I am hoping that we can find some new avenues to help her and us walk through these issues.

In the meantime, my parents called.  My dad recently started dialysis and thankfully can get his within 30 minutes of home 3x per week.  They just received a call to attend a “transplant class” – which is meant to be educational and informational.  It will tell them what qualifies for transplant, the ins and outs of transplant, etc.  They asked a family member to come, so my parents called me and asked if I could come.  Thankfully, my boss was able to flex with my hours, so I will be traveling to Fort Wayne to meet with them to attend the class and get the information firsthand.  My mother-in-law has experience with this, since my brother-in-law had a couple of transplants, so she is able to help us with rounding up kids after school while I am away for the day.

It is difficult to come to terms with my dad’s health some days.  And then my daughter’s challenges.  There have been days I have felt like a tug of war rope.  Not complaining about it, just being real.  I find that my quiet time is very much like an oasis in the desert.  My time with God is refreshing and comforting, and I am grateful for the time I get to spend with Him.  It is far too easy for me to let it slip some days – when it is so beneficial and strengthening to my relationship with Him – and to deal with life in general!  I am thankful for my phone apps to help me when I’m on the go, but still love sitting at my kitchen table with my Bible open, even reading through Leviticus…

Here’s hoping your Monday is lovely!


2 thoughts on “Quick Family Updates

  1. Kate Fermani says:

    I love your transparency and am so grateful for you. I am a social worker and have several precious kiddos with autism that I am privileged to work with. Thank you – and would it be okay to keep you and yours in my prayers? It would be an honor! Thank you for being you!!

    • adminDT says:

      Kate thank you so much for your comment. It certainly helps so much to connect with other moms who understand how real the struggle could be. I appreciate your prayers so much. I will add you to mine as well. Thanks so much for stopping bye

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