Quiet or Booming?

There are many instances in Scripture where people have heard God’s voice.  Literally. Out loud.  Speaking.

While I have never heard His voice ringing in my ears, I have heard His voice speaking directly to my heart.

At times, it is like a crack of thunder across the sky of my life.  Surprising. Startling. Moving.

Most often, though, it is a softly spoken sound, speaking with quiet authority, unmistakable both in His intent and purpose.

Whether He speaks quietly or booming, I KNOW when it is His voice. 

Other voices are sharp and scathing.  
Other voices are accusatory and shaming.
Other voices scream and belittle.

His voice, even when corrective, is gentle and truthful.  His voice promotes healthy change, new growth, and is always loving regardless of my current position.

His quiet voice is often heard despite the shouts and noise of the others because He whispers to my innermost being, secretly drawing me to Him.  And when I listen, the other voices fade away, their accusations and belittlement along with them.

No. I do not hear auditory voices.

But those voices that speak to my soul, the core of who I am, are nothing compared to the very sound of my Shepherd’s voice in the midst of a booming thundershower.


Knowing His voice – for me – is the difference between life and death.