Rolling with the Changes

Wow! We’ve had a LOT of changes going on this week! How about you? Did you have kids starting school (or maybe YOU started school, too?) Did you have a child going off to college for the first time? Maybe you sent your baby to Kindergarten or started homeschooling for the first time!

For us, we now have a 2nd grader (which seems like a BIG deal to me) AND a Kindergartner (gulp) as of today! We also have a 17 month old boy who can’t deal with separation from Mama and is cutting 2 teeth.

I’ll tell ya, sometimes the changes roll me over and it’s hard to just roll with the changes, like I want to.

How do you handle a lot of change at once?

Something I’ve been grateful for this week is extra sleep. Haven’t been able to say I’ve had extra sleep in well, I can’t even remember how long. I think if I wasn’t sleeping I’d be in zombieland again.

Sleep is good for your brain, you know. It definitely has a recharging effect for your memory and cognitive functioning – and it is really good for the spirits.

Unless your 17 month old decided to drop your phone into the sink of dishes and fried your digital “brain” into oblivion. sigh.

I’m guessing that many of you can relate to that steamroller feeling in life, can’t you? Those day-after-day kind of days that make living life seem really difficult. So how do you manage?

What are YOUR tips for getting through the change-rolling tough times?

I’m off to get my 2nd girl to Kindergarten (seriously, I can’t believe GEORGIE is a Kindergartner! Ack!!!)