Singing about Winter!

I’ll admit it. I LOVE SNOW. I don’t like the bitter cold. But I love snow in winter.

I was spoiled, you see, because I lived in Alaska as a child. Alaska was full of mystery and adventure for me. I had the opportunity to attend a public school on the base my dad was stationed for my 1st Grade year.


I learned so much about the native Eskimo and indigenous Indian people and culture in that one year. It absolutely fired all of my Imagination neuro-circuitry and fed my love for mythology of all types.

I developed a HUGE fondness for snow.


We built snow forts and had snowball fights and went sledding & tubing until we couldn’t feel our faces anymore. We ate snow ice cream and ice skated – although I never really mastered skating – and the snow always looked like glitter in the moonlight.

We were excited to visit the exhibits and watch the games of the Fur Rendezvous – an annual festival that celebrates the beginning of the end of winter! Snow sculptures – even a snow castle that had 2 real, usable childrens slides made out of snow – local artist exhibits, Eskimo and Native American games and culture exhibitions – it was amazing!

One of the BEST parts of winter and snow – were the Northern Lights, or the Aurora Borealis. Imagine a dark night full of stars, and all of a sudden, there is the invisible hand of God painting neon colors in bright, broad strokes across the sky – and you’re watching it as it happens!


Imagine the BEST Christmas light display you’ve ever seen in your life – and magnify it 100x. That’s how awesome the Northern Lights are.

As winter settles in – and we have our first dusting of snow – I get the itch to start making all of my favorite hot drink mixes and cuddle up my girls before we bundle up to go make snow angels.

Maybe I’m not singing INSIDE my house today, but my heart is full of the wondrous majesty of God’s creation – and I hope to bring that to my home & family as we enjoy the coming wintry season…

I will be writing more posts about Alaska in December – so stay tuned!!!

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3 thoughts on “Singing about Winter!

  1. Angie says:

    Ahhh, childhood memories! I love snow too (especially when I was teaching…nothing like a snow day!).

    And I would give anything to see the Northern lights…what a gift from God!

  2. LydiaCate says:

    Oh I long for snow! Not much snow here in the south!

    I love reading your descriptions of Alaska! My parents met each other in Alaska. Both my grandfathers were in the Air force and were stationed in Alaska during my parent’s high school days. They both graduated from high school in Anchorage. They were there during the “big earthquake”. I’ve never had the opportunity to visit. I look forward to coming back to your blog to read more about Alaska!

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