Spinning Plates

You don’t want to see my calendar this week. It has events and appointments every single day! Some of them are great – some of them are just “ehhhh” – and some of them have already passed! I do feel like one of those variety game show contestants spinning plates!

Georgie had her first school program. It was cute – all 3 and 4 year olds acting out Christmas carols and wishing us a boisterous Merry Christmas. =) Georgie was an elf – and her big sister said she was the cutest elf there.

Little Man had his 9 month checkup! No shots. Thank the Lord for that! He is only a tad behind in length and a great deal behind in weight for infants his age, but it’s not for lack of eating! Between the surgery he had and the virus in November, he really had some setbacks. But he has graduated entirely to solid foods and really enjoys small pieces of cooked carrots, corn, peas, and green beans! He is pulling himself up into a real crawl and has started pulling himself up just the bottom step… He has 4 teeth fully in, and one more that he cut over the weekend.

Curly was home sick yesterday. She complained of not feeling well the night before, and she wasn’t herself at all. So she stayed home. No fever – but she complained of a headache and body aches – and after resting a few hours – she was her normal self. Both girls are at practice tonight – they’ll be in a Christmas program this weekend, and we’re looking forward to that.

Roy has had a pretty busy schedule of late. We were able to celebrate our 8th anniversary last week with a nice dinner out. We could actually hear each other talk – lol – and it was really nice to have that time with him. With all of the house remodeling we don’t have a tree up – and HOPE we can get things moved around enough to put one up in the living room.

I have been busy baking – and trying to stay on top of household things – all in the midst of Finals week. I still have a “B” in Algebra, and only have to take my final exam. If I end up with a “C” I will be beyond thrilled – God has really given me a clearer understanding of Algebra this semester that I haven’t ever had before. Amazing how that works.

But the girls have Christmas caroling uptown tomorrow – if I can finish my Final before Friday, I’ll attend a cookie exchange with my mother-in-law – then the kids have a Christmas party / program practice this weekend, we’ll be baking cookies with the girls and their cousins, Mo & Larry, and it all culminates in their Christmas program the next day! WOWZA!

So – my mind is on keeping my plates spinning until I can “check” them off my list one by one. That’s it! I’ll check back later and give you another update!

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