Christmas Planning Ebook & Printables

You know – the truth of the matter is this: December is just another month in our 12 month calendar. It’s true! So maybe you have to clean your home more often, and maybe you see your family more than you normally would. But really – it’s just another month. Right?

Okay – you can SAY that as many times as you want, but maybe you still feel panicky and breathless at the prospect of all the baking & cooking, menus & schedules, parties and programs that are on your December calendar.
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The Big Rush

Is anybody in the pre-Holiday rush yet? I mean really, we’re only a few weeks away from Christmas – what’s your status for Christmas shopping?

We’re not in the rush, but the wheels are turning and we do have a Christmas list. For the first time, and have a pretty good idea what Santa will be bringing to our house this year. I’m also talking with a friend about getting together to bake some cookies and make some candies sometime. Haven’t done that in a long time.
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Did You Notice?

Did you see it yet? When you read further down, maybe it’ll catch your eye!

I have a NEW button for my blog. Yep, Heather at made it for me. I think it’s CUTE. I’m not biased, you know… Feel free to copy and add it to your blog if you’d like… Woohoo

Oh – and she’s working on my new Queen Size Mommy page, too! So if you’re wanting to follow my journey through food addiction – as well as the Summer 15 Challenge – it will soon have a page (and button) all of its own! FUN STUFF!
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My Continued Thoughts on Homeschooling

This is a modified repost of a previous popular post here at the Queen Mommys Cafe:

Our girls, Curly & Georgie, are 4 and 2. Curly just graduated from Christian PreK right and loved it. Both girls are social butterflies (big surprise, right?) and both are very bright – when I can get their attention long enough, that is…

I still feel – even after posting this some time ago, that as part of the Mothering experience for me homeschooling could play a real part. And I still laugh. (Yep, call me Sarah.)
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Time to Buckle Down

So these 2 counseling classes I’m taking this summer are requiring serious chunks of study time. I am NOT complaining – I learn so much from each of the hour long DVD lectures – and reading 10 or so chapters a week – and am really grateful to be learning so much about Marriage & Family & Healthy Relationships.

It’s always a bit disconcerting to recognize myself in descriptions of personality types – as much as I love personality tests – understanding and recognizing dysfunctions within myself is uncomfortable. But in a good way – because it means I have room for improvement, and the books I’m reading don’t just list out people “types” but also ways to eliminate unhealthy habits and thinking patterns – and THAT is good stuff.
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