Oh What a Week! (CGC!)

Oh has it been a week. We’ve gotten significant amounts of snow – enough to delay 1 day of school – but enough to keep us from just getting out and going anywhere. It’s very pretty – but VERY cold. Hot Tea or Coffee is JUST right!!! Feel free to help yourself!!!

{Hello Company Girls!}

Honestly – I’ve had some good moments this week – but we are dealing with some serious stress – that is really coming from external sources – and it’s difficult. I’m entrenched in my 3rd trimester – emotional and hungry – and it’s wearing on me. I’m trying to NOT let it wear on me – and have found that my praise & worship songs really do provide so much comfort and peace – especially when I can put my earplugs in and totally zone out…
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How I Manage to “Do It All”… NOT!

It has been a lot of fun for me to get to know more about Danielle on her Journey… While we were busy interns, we really didn’t have a lot of time for chit chat and I feel like I’m getting to know more about her now than I did then. Her explanation for her blog title – and the suggestions for starting a home business were great, weren’t they? She has some great resources on her blog for WAHMs or moms who WANT to be WAHMS! Continue reading “How I Manage to “Do It All”… NOT!”

Wisdom of a 4-year old

4 yr old

So being a Mommy Blogger, much of the content of my blog stems – on some level – from just being a mom. My experiences, my feelings, my struggles, my victories – I process many of these things here – and because of it am learning to explore and embrace Motherhood in a way I never expected.

I try not to brag TOO terribly much about my girls. Of course, I have every right – just saving it all for my book… Continue reading “Wisdom of a 4-year old”

From the Beginning…

“Transformation is not a light switch. It is a process.”

This is a statement our Pastor made in his sermon yesterday – and I could totally relate.

Just about two years ago, I was still pregnant with Georgie. I was working full-time and really loved my job. I had a lot of responsibility and it was challenging, rewarding work. I interacted with a wide variety of people – and my coworkers were Da Bomb!
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Making Your Home Sing Monday: Juggling Act

I can SOOOO relate to this post at Moms The Word today!

I won’t admit how many times I’ve discovered a load of laundry in my washer – 2 or even 3 days after it’s been washed. UGH! It’s easy to forget that I started the load – my washer & dryer are in our dungeon basement, and I only go there to DO laundry. I need to find a way to post a reminder somewhere around my house so I can avoid that yukky sour smell!!! Continue reading “Making Your Home Sing Monday: Juggling Act”