Tea Reviews

My sampler from Teaporia has really been enjoyable, and I’ve certainly rediscovered my love for hot tea. These are all loose-leaf teas, and I dug out my small collection of tea strainers – which are now hanging from my kitchen curtain (pictures later).

For brewing times, I set my timer for 5 minutes for the black or English teas, and used just boiled water. For the rooibos tea, I let the boiled water sit for a couple of minutes before brewing, and set the timer for 7 minutes.

Morning Sunshine. I wasn’t sure about a citrusy flavor, because I am not a big fan of lemon anything, but I wanted to try it anyway. Morning sunshine was a very pleasant surprise. It is fresh and flavorful without a strong lemon flavor. To me it has the rounded, even flavors of orange, grapefruit, lemon, and maybe even lime. I really enjoy this black tea, and found that a brewing time of 5 minutes brings out the great flavor of this tea. Morning is a perfect time for this cup, but my first cup was taken during the afternoon, and it was really refreshing.

Lover’s Leap. For me, this black & Ceylon tea blend has a strong taste with a bit of an edge. Not really a “flavored” tea as much as a blend, it would be a good morning wake-up. I intend to brew it for a shorter time next cup (3 minutes) and add a little more cream – and compare it to my usual coffee…

Creme Earl Grey. If you are a fan of Earl Grey, this English tea blend has an added creamy, milky flavor. I’ve always enjoyed a cup of Earl Grey with a splash of cream or milk, but this blend takes it up a level. The Bergamot flavor is softened, and I could drink several consecutive cups of this blend easily.

Queen Mary. I had high hopes for this tea, but I was a little disappointed. I expected a more “flavored” taste, but had forgotten to read the tea description before drinking it. Again, this is just my preference – and if you like a good black tea, you should sample this. It was a bit strong for my taste. I will shorten the brewing time for this cup the next time, too, and see if my opinion changes. *** Update: I am currently drinking a cup of this blend, and am MUCH more pleased with the results. I let it brew for less than 2 minutes in freshly boiling water, and it has a much more palatable, pleasurable taste. The aroma has softened, too, so this is an every day kind of blend in my opinion.

Plum Pear. This, along with the Morning Sunshine, was a very pleasant surprise for me. I am NOT a big fan of fruit flavored tea because too often I’m let down by an artificial taste – but this isn’t just a fruit flavored tea. It is a lovely, softly fruited cup of tea with an enticing scent that I look forward to tasting again. It doesn’t need a lot of sweetener, and I drank it without my usual splash of cream.

White Swiss Truffle. A rooibos (or red) tea, this has a lovely, soft vanilla accent. I was turned on to rooibos tea when my husband told me he enjoyed it when we were first married. I bought some at a grocery store, and enjoyed the different aspect that that the red tea has to offer. White Swiss Truffle is far better than that first blend I tried, and I enjoy both the aroma and the flavor. It would be perfect with a light dessert, or taken as a before-bed tea.

Those are all the Teaporia reviews for now.

I’ve discovered through all of these samplings that I’m not a big fan of Ceylon tea. That is not to say this is not a good tea, I’m just learning to distinguish between the different tea leaves, and Ceylon tea is a bit too sharp and tangy for me. I’m not a big fan of acidic flavors (hence my dislike for lemon) – and have the same preferences with coffee…

I’m still enjoying my samples and find that I’m drinking 3-4 cups of tea daily. I’ll have more reviews later, after I’ve tried all of them.

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