Thanksgiving Wrap-Up & a Cyber Monday DEAL you CAN’T miss!

I do love the longer holiday weekends when my husband gets extra time off and my daughter is home from school. Although my husband had to work some on Friday, we got to spend the majority of the day – all together – and it was really lovely.

We spent Thanksgiving with my husband’s family on Thursday, after the four of us went to see “Tangled – 3D” in the theater. I haven’t been to a movie in a long time and you’ll be able to find my review at sometime soon! The girls enjoyed it – and I’ll confess: It was my first 3D movie experience! Dinner with the family here was nice – really tasty and pretty laid back, as usual. My mother in law fixes EVERYTHING – and I mean EVERYTHING – and I ate enough that I didn’t have to eat the rest of the day. =) Even though we all live nearby, sitting down to eat all together is not a regular thing – so it’s nice when we get the chance – and we had a good time!

Friday was very clear and sunny – but COLD! We shared lunch at one of our favorite places to eat, and had some nice family time together for most of the day. Curly – having been home for 5 days – took naps for most of the days. I told her when she started Kindergarten she would no longer have to take daily naps, and she liked that rule. But she took 2 1/2 hour – 3 hour naps almost every day of her break! Poor kid! She is enjoying school – and has picked up a new hobby (jumping rope) – but she’s also pretty tired, so we’re going to enforce an earlier bedtime for her so she can stay well rested.

Saturday, the girls and I drove a few hours to my parents’ house. Roy was on call so he had to stay home – and we had a nice time visiting with my brothers and their families. We haven’t been there in several months – it’s hard to believe that until I consciously think about it – and we had fun watching OSU beat Michigan! It’s crazy how much kids can grow in a few months – I don’t like that cuz it makes me feel old – but my oldest niece now has her drivers license!

Although I’m starting to feel VERY pregnant, my family commented that I didn’t look too big yet. Try carrying THIS little guy around. I think he’s already taken to rearranging furniture and practicing his hook shot!

Roy & I did get to do a little Christmas shopping yesterday afternoon – and it was nice to get a few more things. Today it’s back to the regular routine – but all in all we had a really long, lovely weekend!

How about you?

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(If you don’t have an mp3 player, you can always download it to iTunes right onto your computer. Cindy sets it up to make it a snap! There’s nothing like straightening up the living room/kitchen while I listen to an inspiring message that encourages me to draw closer to God!)

I am an affiliate for Cindy Rushton – however, I’m not including my affiliate information in this link. I get NO credit for this and have no ulterior motive – OTHER THAN TO INSPIRE YOU to greater things in 2011!!! Go check it out!

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