The Big Rush

Is anybody in the pre-Holiday rush yet? I mean really, we’re only a few weeks away from Christmas – what’s your status for Christmas shopping?

We’re not in the rush, but the wheels are turning and we do have a Christmas list. For the first time, and have a pretty good idea what Santa will be bringing to our house this year. I’m also talking with a friend about getting together to bake some cookies and make some candies sometime. Haven’t done that in a long time.

One year, several years ago before I was married, a group of gals from work got together one night and baked cookies. We each brought only one recipe and made the cookies – and then we did a cookie exchange so we could all try something new. It was so much fun to be together – we had Christmas music blasting, we played games, and we all got to go home with different kinds of cookies without making a whole lot of effort. IT was a really good time.

We can’t bake too many cookies these days or make too many treats for our house. Partly because I stay home all day and like when I was a kid, I want to grab “just a bite” every time I pass through the kitchen. Partly because it’s hard to do in a smallish kitchen. And partly because we have been able to go to Queen Thelmas house and bake there and divide the cookies before they even made it to our kitchen. =)

I always get nostalgic thinking about holiday preparations because it was SUCH a huge part of my childhood – from the decorating to the baking to the Christmas music and favorite holiday movies. It’s those kinds of memories that drive me to want to do more in our house – and this year, as opposed to the past few years, I think I’m going to try to branch out.

Without going hog wild or getting caught up in the big rush. What are YOUR plans for the upcoming holiday season?