The Bumblebee Song

You know the Bumblebee Song, right? Maybe you know it as Flight of the Bumblebee? Well, these days – THAT’S MY SONG!

Flight of the Bumblebee

A 16 week old who is now rolling over.

Which means laying him on the couch is no longer a viable option…

A 3 year old who needs to take a rock-climbing class.

I’m about to create one in her bedroom, I think!

A 5 year old who can ride her own bike without training wheels.

Which apparently means she thinks she can do A LOT of other things on her own, too.

And my online classes starting up again this week!

Because I was bored already…

Yep – my plate is full – and I’m thankful for my blessings. And I’m thankful for Roy who takes it all in stride and stays up late so I can work on homework. Or gets up early and plays with Little Man so I can read articles online… First week of school is always about fitting homework in between dishes & laundry & vacuuming (the 3 very basic homekeeping duties I can’t live without doing), without compromising my time with family.

It’s a balancing act. And so far, I’m praying A LOT and trusting that God will give me the time to study when I need it. And quality time with my family when we need it, too!

Not having a working laptop really cramps my style – but it’ll work out…

One thought on “The Bumblebee Song

  1. Marsha "Nana" Baker says:

    You are the BESTEST at ‘rolling with the punches’ Girl! Praying for you and trusting all these things will work themselves into a smoother schedule. Keep looking up! And hoping I get to see all your purty faces soon! XO

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